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  1. Yellow tint on edge of screen

    guys, how can you use the phone with swollen battery? it might explode in your face when in charge or even when calling, don't play with those things. Kennypowers, funny thing is that you are afraid of a counterfeit battery, but you are not afraid to use an already swollen one which is like a bomb which can really detonate. I reccomand you not using it until you have proper new battery, it can also damage your phone, but that would be minor problem compared to what can do to a person.  
  2. [ROM][5.1.1] CyanogenMod 12.1

    Seems a so called stable version has been released. it claims common issues (hotspot, ssid, bluetooth, gps) have been fixed.  
  3. I imagined it was a possible keeper, that's why I posted a Rom after all this time! :D Shame only for the language :(
  4.   A very interesting new Amoi rom update (don't know if multilanguage)     download  password 79dc  
  5. Yellow tint on edge of screen

    seems it's one of common "issues" of aging coolpad f1. could be caused by the melting of the glue used to fix display to the body of phone. Some suggest to put brightness to max and leave some videos to play for a minimum of 4 hours in this condition. Who knows if this actually works :D 
  6. [ROM][5.1.1] OctOS

    No, should be real, since it suffers the very same bugs as cyanogenmod and all other 5.1 roms for every mt6592 phone. 
  7. while waiting... New colorOS New AOSP with better (he says) camera
  8. Poor mt6732 (which I think it's the best quality/price/energy consumption SoC Mediatek ever released) really doesn't get much love from manifacturers, this device would have been a total different story with it (and it's t760) on board, for just a few bucks more.
  9. CM 12

    baseband is one thing (even the 4.2 should be ok), but kernel it's a different story actually, wonder how they pulled this off (unless it's a 4.4 skinned as a 5.1)
  10. CM 12

    lollipop? is it possible without the official version (which means proper kernel)?
  11. asus UI New Funtouch OS  
  12. when the light turns green, it means it's 90> charged. try flashing this and see how it goes
  13. Amoi rom   Liutao's take on color os
  14. Doogee rom LG G3 rom  
  15. coolpad might have dropped "da bomb" http://www.ADVERT LINK seeing it's all plastic, has HD screen and 2500mah battery, I believe it will have an human price.. let's see!  

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