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  1. Hi everyone! Two days ago i got a notification from Chinese app that coolpad F2 is realized! I find some offers in aliexpress. But its almost same as F1 except display size and ROM 16gb instead 8gb.
  2. Coolpad F1 8297w

    Does this phone support video call?
  3. Tried 036 version by borsosg. Now i have rooted 034 official version, all my installed apps restored, data usage is working fine. Hope OTA upgrade is also will work. Thanks to borsosg for his backup.
  4. @borsosg I will try your backup 036 version on monday.
  5. @dakok I am sure that myui(as other custom ROMs) also has at least 1-2 bugs. And thats normal. I prefer quite simple but completely working official versions rather a bit better looking but bugged ROMs. @borsosg if i understand you right your 036 version is rooted and can be updated by OTA in future?
  6. What's new in 036 version? What's the difference with 034 version? If there is no changes that you feel in usage i think no need to change my 034 version because i like it and there is no bug everything is working nice. Just tired with trying several ROMs :) P.S: I'll update to 036 if there is a list view animation :D
  7. dakok In 029 version was a nice list view animation. it seems that they removed that option in 034 version.
  8. waiting for official 035 version
  9. I download 034 beta vetsion, flash it and enjoying.
  10. borsosg Thank you for link. I download both CP_NetUserMgr.apk and CP_NetUserMgr.odex. Now where should i copy them and how to install?
  11. I'm not sure that the app which is responsible for data usage named coolmanager.apk. I've search everywhere even in official ROMs but cant find. There is similar apps like DataUsageLockScreenClient.apk, CP_CButton.apk and etc. :( Does anybody knows exact name of app which is responsible for data usage? BDW Dakok i remember that you was interesting with making multilanguage Coollife UI, is there any news?
  12. Hi borsosg Its a good news for me. Bcoz i always control my apps activity by data usage. I tried some ROMs and all of them have some bugs. In my opinion last official versions are more stable. Now i am on 029 lite version. Very nice ROM with one serious bug for me, data usage is not working. Maybe i should try to install coolmanager.apk manually? Dakok knows more about it maybe he or other enlightened friends will tell me :)
  13. Did you try 034 version? I have some questions concerning that ROM 1) Is it official ROM? 2) Data usage is working or not? 3) OTA update is working or not?