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  1. Ok thanks but can you tall me how to install other factory roms like Y300_firmware(Y300-0000.Android4.1.Emotion_UI.V100R001C00B193.Middle_East-Channel.05011RKC)_AsanFile.Com mine is HUAWEI_Y300_firmware(Y300-0000.Android4.1.Emotion_UI.V100R001C00B186.Middle_East-Channel.05011RKC)_AsanFile.Com but it has some bad bugs and i even cant install mine it failed to flash as default rom
  2. hi I unlocked my y300-0000 and flashed it as cm-11-20140514-NIGHTLY-u8833 but i have sim problem (not even detecting ) after 3 days i installed FusionX_v1.0_Y300_B199 but the same sim problem then used the fix update-U8833D[b180][symAnd] in fusionx one of my sim were detected but in cm it goes to empty black screen can some one help me to flash cm-11 and have 2 sim ? now i even cant install main update.app it failes i'm new user please help me that i can help others thanks a lot