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  1. KonstaT thanks, i will get new LTE phone and my son will have mine, which I was hoping I could flash a new 4g modem, thanks that has cleared that up. Regards M
  2. Thanks, what do you mean, does the actual hardware have to change or when the new Moto G LTE is released could that modem be flashed to the Moto G 3G phone ie do you need new hardware or could you flash a new modem?
  3. Hi just seen this Easily Flash a Hybrid Modem to Gain 4G LTE Connectivity on Your Nexus 4 without a PC link is here >>>> Question: Having given this, does anyone know if you could flash a new modem on the current Moto G to give 4G capability. Regards M
  4. Moto G 4G LTE

    Moto G 4G LTE any body know when its arriving and pricing?

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