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  1. I once wrote...... ...that "this is the worst phone that I've ever owned" but since the answer button has stopped working, I think I can top that..... this (the SPV M2000) is the worst phone of all time!!
  2. SPV M2000

    ...and I missed the ‘t in ‘it’, that will teach me...... Thank goodness I didn't try to post from my M2000, I may have missed out the W in anker!!!!
  3. SPV M2000

    Moderator - please allow this contributor to say whatever he wants, however stupid it is. He has a right to his opinion!
  4. SPV M2000

    PetieyBoy - I love you!!!! I has got to be important to point out the problems with this substandard product! …and this is a one of the best ‘forums’ I have come across. Spoiled only by the input of a few idiots. …and my “unpleasant tone” is only a reaction to the quality of the posts I received. Well at least they now know what puerile means.
  5. SPV M2000

    The last straw – I got back to the UK last night, I used my Treo in the US because it is more reliable (and that’s saying something). I switched back to the M2000 (give it one more chance…). I received three calls in quick succession first thing this morning (over a period of about 10 minutes), all from different callers, all answered by pressing the green phone symbol (I find that this usually works),. All three calls ‘dumped’, with the message “unable to answer this call”. …and the Wifi isn’t logging onto my network anymore. …and battery charge shows 85% even though its been sitting in the charger for 2 weeks. ...and my finger was in the right place!!!! Please don’t offer me anymore puerile advice, I think it is very important that my experiences are logged here and that others don’t make the same mistake that I did. Rickburke – no, its not a laptop but its not even a phone. Chaser81 – see boyo69 Fraser – “I can control my home from anywhere in the planet with it!” – what planet? Boyo69 - Quod Erat Demonstrandum, your reply proves quite categorically that you are a moron.
  6. SPV M2000

    Answers on a postcard please for what "badword" is. It begins with 'F'. This B/B is full of people writing about serious problems with this piece of kit, its not good. Today I had 3 calls that I was not able to answer and I got a bubble saying ‘Unable to answer this call’….. Maybe the halfwits could try to answer........... ;)
  7. SPV M2000

    OK so I’ve been in this business for a very long time….I got my first mobile phone in 1990 (so it was a brick). I’ve upgraded every year since then, I’ve been through Nokia and Sony. I’ve tried Motorola and Samsung. I’ve have PDA’s when they were called ‘organisers’ from the Psion 2 to the 3c and 5. I’ve got the Newton, the Jornada (680 and 720). I’ve got a Palm and a Treo 600. I get deeply offended when some moron writes thing like “how are you holding the phone?? unsurprisingly, if you hold in your right hand, and your fingers fold underneath, you may well notice that your fingers are actually covering the microphone!!! silly place to put it !”. Boyo69 – you are a badword halfwit!!!!!
  8. SPV M2000

    It looks like you guys haven’t read the posting at all well, if at all. Let me list the M2000 problems. I’m on my second replacement now and they are all the same: 1. Hard factory resets for no reason about once a week. 2. Soft resets for no reason about every 2 days. 3. Caller ID only works very occasionally. 4. About 40% of the time in a call the speaker does not work (they can hear you but you can’t hear them). 5. The ring repeats every 3 seconds, much too long – OK so you can correct that with a regedit but it resets to default on every soft reset. 6. The vibrate is much too soft. 7. You have to go to ‘contacts’ to find a number to make a call, possibly the worst written interface on the planet. 8. Every time you turn it on you have to type in a password (a fix) or it will call New York in your pocket if you don’t have the password set to 0 minutes prompt. 9. It will call New York or connect to the internet in your pocket even if you have done the above after an alarm goes off. 10. The battery only lasts for a day and a half. 11. ‘Page not found’ 90% of the time if you type in a web address and use the green arrow next to the address bar (not the case if you use ‘return’) 12. 20% of the time can’t answer a call when you press the green-phone-button. Says ‘unable to answer call’. 13. WiFi GUI is the worst I’ve ever seen. 14. I’ve never been able to get it see my GPS bluetooth device (and God knows I’ve tried). My 4 year old Ipaq sees it instantly. 15. I’ve had to reinstall ActiveSync, twice since I got the M2000. 16. It is SLOW! There are many, many problems, just read all the posts on this forum. I had a Treo 600, apart from the buzz when the battery dropped below 30%, I now realise that it is a great piece of kit. xxxxxx
  9. SPV M2000

    I really can't believe what I'm reading! You are defending the phone then listing it’s problems! Get a grip!
  10. Is the M2000 a good PDA

    JBenchmark is good for performance data. I think I have already expressed my opinion about the SPV M2000 in previous post, so I won’t go on about it again.
  11. hpsetup

    Just one Google search using "pay and display wifi" found this: Cale Parking Systems USA, Inc. and this: Rogers Wireless and this: Duncan Parking Technologies ...and a lot more. Let me know when you get back from your "hacking" .....
  12. hpsetup

    Been through all that already (see the top of this posting). If it is coming from HP printers, then there are a hell of a lot of them in my town. It has occured to me that it may be coming from the hundreds of Pay-and-Display ticket machines we seem to have.
  13. hpsetup

    At first I thought it was a WiFiFoFum problem but I have found it on my laptop and there is the IT guy in the carpark with his laptop looking for the source. The interesting thing about the signal on my laptop is that the strength isn't 0db but about -60, so it looks like a real hotspot. By the way, the "passing train" theory is REALLY clutching at straws.
  14. hpsetup

    I can guarantee that Chiltern Railways (bless their cotton socks, they're not that bad really), don't have Wireless Networks in board.
  15. 128 bit encryption

    This clearly means that you've seen it too? Maybe you should be on THIS thread.