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  1. Coolpad F1 8297w

    Thanks guys for all your feedback. I have sold my Coolpad and now use Redmi Note - so MIUI works flawlessly ;-). There is one person on telchina.pl forum, that wants to continue supporting MIUI, co keep your fingers crossed. I'll try to guide him and maybe MIUI for F1 would be still alive.
  2. Coolpad F1 8297w

    MIUI v04a is out. Removed MTKTweak and updated WSMTools. Apart from this everything as with v04.
  3. Coolpad F1 8297w

    If you are using v04 of my MIUI please remove MTKTweak application and init.d scripts. It just doesn't work well, drains battery and destroys MP4 recording. Not worth it.
  4. Coolpad F1 8297w

    Battery life got really worse with MIUI v04. I suspect that MtkTweak doesn't do well on this phone / ROM. I will remove it in next version.
  5. Coolpad F1 8297w

    Best camera definitley FV-5. Worth every penny. Videos are great!
  6. Coolpad F1 8297w

    Nikillin seems good at first, but after a month of heavy use it just didn't work well. It does not tightly fit the phone, and it gets dirty underneath, even small things like sand can get under and scratch your phone. Now I am using just silicon case I got with it and waiting for IMAK (transparent) one to check it out.
  7. Coolpad F1 8297w

    MIUI v04 is updated with Italian. File is 523MB.
  8. Coolpad F1 8297w

    Unfortunatley, bitbucket.org is down - Italian translation was hosted there... I do not have it backed on my HDD, as during multilanguage processing it consumes more than 2GB of space... When it is up and running again I will post update.
  9. Coolpad F1 8297w

    Version 04 of MIUI ROM added. http://www.needrom.com/mobile/f1-miui-8297w/ I put 081 libs into this version, it seems to have better signal reception, but I have to test it more thorough. Several new languages also supported.
  10. Coolpad F1 8297w

    MIUI v.4.5.30 with changed camera APK is now uploaded on needrom. Happy using! First link is not working (404)...
  11. Coolpad F1 8297w

    I decided to stay with the Coolpad... better chinese support, and 5' just fits me better, but it is a matter of personal taste. Jiayu has some things that are better though, but for me GPS performance is way better on Coolpad and I decided to stay with it. I change whole firmware folder - it had newer and bigger files for "W" version. But I dont know if it is really necessary.
  12. Coolpad F1 8297w

    No, I use stock libs. The difference is more in Camera APK than in libs alone. When I was using Cinema FV-5 on older version with stock libs, and used MP4 recording with 1080p and 30mbs I got exceptionally good videos. But it is a paid app. I'm in the process of hacking smali files of stock MIUI camera app to try to make it use MP4 and good quality but it is a painfull and slow process... and time is a scare commodity for me nowadays...
  13. Coolpad F1 8297w

    Yeah, this phone has exceptional GPS for a budget smartphone, even just for a smartphone. I never had a device (I had also some standalone TomToms and others) that was so quick in establishing a fix, and never lost it. Endomondo runs great here also. @dakok - my last ROM should work on both WCDMA and TD-SCDMA versions (I cannot check TD-SCDMA version though because I dont have one).
  14. Coolpad F1 8297w

    New version of MIUI ROM (v03) available for download here (http://www.needrom.com/mobile/f1-miui-8297w/). Gapps included, WSM Tools included, new languages, AdAway integrated, camera is better than before, MIUI v4.5.26. To make it snappier disable battery saving mode under Settings->Battery.
  15. Coolpad F1 8297w

    There is a password if you would like to unpack ROM with ZIP on the computer. What puzzles me, is that in CWM it installs fine! But Camera APK would not install on other ROMs... something is missing, or Coolpad requires some kind of framework for it to run.