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  1. [HELP!]Huawei Update Extractor (Y300)

    Also, I've changed my ROM many times before I put in a SIM Card in my phone. I've tried all of the SIM cards here in the Philippines so I'm wondering at which network was my phone locked to?
  2. [HELP!]Huawei Update Extractor (Y300)

    Also, I stumbled upon this on searching (http://www.modaco.com/topic/358599-how-to-free-sim-unlock-your-g300/). Would it also work on Y300 or meh?
  3. [HELP!]Huawei Update Extractor (Y300)

    Yeah that happened to me too. I would try installing the general version of ROM in my phone. I don't want to cost money just for unlocking this thing. XD
  4. [HELP!]Huawei Update Extractor (Y300)

    Thanks for the reply, also. If I flash the whole update.app in my phone, would it brick?
  5. Hi, I've recently read that I could return my stock base band (Philippine base band) when I return to my country's stock ROM (http://www.modaco.com/topic/366779-y300-0000-sim-card-not-recognized/). So I tried to look for this app (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2433454) and I installed it with no ideas on how to use it. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO USE THIS AND EXTRACT THE UPDATE.APP OF Y300?
  6. Need help. :)

    Already tried this before my phone won't recognize any SIM. But I will try it again. :)
  7. Need help. :)

    Thanks. Also, I don't want my recovery to be replaced. :)
  8. Need help. :)

    My phone (Philippine Carrier) doesn't recognize any Philippine brand SIM (Globe, SUN, SMART). I thought, maybe it's because the ROM I'm using right now (B209 LiteX by Jalegs) is set to read their region's SIMs only (I think). So I tried to revert back to the General version of the firmware to test if my SIM will work on that particular ROM. But seems I can't go back to that firmware (Would fail on step 2/2 on download mode).
  9. Can you make a flashable zip of this: http://consumer.huawei.com/en/mobile-phones/support/downloads/detail/y300-en.htm?id=18269 :))
  10. I've been changing ROMs frequently these past months since I got my phone from my uncle. It was lined to SUN Cellular so I know it should be SIM locked, but I tried my TM SIM card anyways (curiosity leads to success.XD). It worked perfectly even after rooting my phone and flashing my first ROM (Which is CM 10.1). But after a month my SIM card got expired (Haven't loaded it since I don't have many textmates.XD), so I always turn on Airplane mode. Now after changing ROMs one after another, I put my dad's SIM on my phone which is a GLOBE SIM. I turned off Airplane mode, and boom. I got a popup which says "SIM Network unlock". I didn't know how it got SIM locked since I don't tweak anything besides build.prop and performance settings. Also, is it possible to unlock it again without those paid- sh*t codes?
  11. Reverting to stock ROM...

    Thanks mate.:-D
  12. Reverting to stock ROM...

    Ascend Y300
  13. Ok, I know there are threads here that have the same topic. But all the download links there are dead except the one with the Stock.7z file, but when I download it, it says file not found. Are there any of you have the file? Or at least tell me how to revert it to stock ROM. (I'm annoying, I know that.)
  14. How can I render the UI of KitKat using the CPU? The default is dynamic but I think everything was still rendered by the GPU.
  15. LatinIME.apk for 4.1.1 Jellybean

    No, not the LatinIMEgoogle.apk. I mean the AOSP Keyboard, I have installed it many times even before I install Greenify