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  1. Also, I've changed my ROM many times before I put in a SIM Card in my phone. I've tried all of the SIM cards here in the Philippines so I'm wondering at which network was my phone locked to?
  2. Also, I stumbled upon this on searching ( Would it also work on Y300 or meh?
  3. Yeah that happened to me too. I would try installing the general version of ROM in my phone. I don't want to cost money just for unlocking this thing. XD
  4. Thanks for the reply, also. If I flash the whole in my phone, would it brick?
  5. Hi, I've recently read that I could return my stock base band (Philippine base band) when I return to my country's stock ROM ( So I tried to look for this app ( and I installed it with no ideas on how to use it. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO USE THIS AND EXTRACT THE UPDATE.APP OF Y300?
  6. Already tried this before my phone won't recognize any SIM. But I will try it again. :)
  7. Thanks. Also, I don't want my recovery to be replaced. :)
  8. My phone (Philippine Carrier) doesn't recognize any Philippine brand SIM (Globe, SUN, SMART). I thought, maybe it's because the ROM I'm using right now (B209 LiteX by Jalegs) is set to read their region's SIMs only (I think). So I tried to revert back to the General version of the firmware to test if my SIM will work on that particular ROM. But seems I can't go back to that firmware (Would fail on step 2/2 on download mode).
  9. Can you make a flashable zip of this: :))
  10. I've been changing ROMs frequently these past months since I got my phone from my uncle. It was lined to SUN Cellular so I know it should be SIM locked, but I tried my TM SIM card anyways (curiosity leads to success.XD). It worked perfectly even after rooting my phone and flashing my first ROM (Which is CM 10.1). But after a month my SIM card got expired (Haven't loaded it since I don't have many textmates.XD), so I always turn on Airplane mode. Now after changing ROMs one after another, I put my dad's SIM on my phone which is a GLOBE SIM. I turned off Airplane mode, and boom. I got a popup which says "SIM Network unlock". I didn't know how it got SIM locked since I don't tweak anything besides build.prop and performance settings. Also, is it possible to unlock it again without those paid- sh*t codes?
  11. Thanks mate.:-D
  12. Ascend Y300
  13. Ok, I know there are threads here that have the same topic. But all the download links there are dead except the one with the Stock.7z file, but when I download it, it says file not found. Are there any of you have the file? Or at least tell me how to revert it to stock ROM. (I'm annoying, I know that.)
  14. How can I render the UI of KitKat using the CPU? The default is dynamic but I think everything was still rendered by the GPU.
  15. No, not the LatinIMEgoogle.apk. I mean the AOSP Keyboard, I have installed it many times even before I install Greenify

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