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  1. CyanogenMod 12 PORTED!!!! FINALLY

    1. its not working 2.its lollipop yes 3.i dont have the zip file anymore+im not developing right now
  2. 11508 Score - 9 months after motherboard replacement

    Why are you saying that this is fake? You completely don't have a proof.
  3. 11508 Score - 9 months after motherboard replacement

    sry for bad quality xD
  4. There you go. Overclock @600Mhz - 1113Mhz
  5. Black display

    we need lollipop
  6. Yes, it is very exotic, I checked it now and saw HD Video Decoding (Super HD 2160P/3D Film) :o And the resolution of the phone is 800x480 but i can watch 1080p videos!!!
  7. Hey KonstaT, i know this is offtopic but how about developing on Samsung Galaxy Core 2? Because i buyed it, but it doesn't have any official updates or ROMs. Again sorry for offtopic!!!
  8. Where can I download drawables for editing system ui

    Just download drawables from lollipop in hdpi resolution and change them in the SystemUI. az sum bg
  9. ZTE Blade III Hard-Bricked

    only solution is replace mobo if you have warranty
  10. AnTuTu benchmark record?

    Okay, i will record it too, but i will mute my baby voice xD
  11. AnTuTu benchmark record?

    Ok, after a year i will post a screenshot with more than 11003 points.
  12. AnTuTu benchmark record?

    Then do it.
  13. AnTuTu benchmark record?

    pff man, thats not right. if you are rich, buy a new motherboard. But will the score change? Sadly no. my phone is just the best PS: That post has been added in 14 of january, the brick post has been added on 22 of january, so... thats not right
  14. AnTuTu benchmark record?

    ok wait i must download antutu

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