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  1. Google Play Music crashes. I have installed cm-11-20140717-NIGHTLY-u8951.zip on my G510. Unfortunately the 'Play Music' App crashes when starting to stream music. Does anyone have a solution? As I can see in the web there seems to be a generall problem with Cyanogenmod and Play Music...
  2. I got it working now. Seems to be related to the small internal storage. In settings/storage I set the flag for 'use external SD as primary'. I am using a 16 GB SD-Card. Now it's working fine.
  3. Hello, on my G510 the camera does not work with this and some of the releases before. Does someone else experience this and has a solution? Thx
  4. until 11-20140527 camera was working fine. Now, even with 11-20140530 it doesn't. Camera does not start at all. Is this a known bug?