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  1. ahahahah yeahhh dpi 200 just perfect for this phone... bettery now :3 thanks thanks thanks.. btw luca, can u give me some screenshot on ur carbon? does it have notification on lockscreen? pm me pls
  2. i want screen on 8.1.. i try change lcd density to 230 on performance control, but noting change... help....
  3. wechat cant play in headset mode.. anyone have problem like i do?
  4. wechat problem anyone? voice message when play using speaker, its okay, but play headset it doesnt work.. anybody have problem like me? already fresh install wechat
  5. widget on lockscreen doing great... i love it... for next weeky, notification on lockscreen? kitkat lockscreen like? thanks very much for this rom
  6. waiting lockscreen widgets :3 btw, i use itelledemand with sioplus, the problem gone... min freq 169..
  7. kitkat lockscreen notification? notification on lockscreen, above nav ring? doest this rom have that? thanks in advanced
  8. battery drains when using data or wifi is too much.. is it normal? last 2days if not using wifi or data..
  9. io? sioplus? edit : much lesser the delay.. thanks.. i can live with that..
  10. soo theres no other walkaround? its takes like 3second before screen on.. until then, i cant do anything
  11. already read that and do that.. but still have the problem.. please dont be mad at me.... im just asking... :(
  12. screen blank when receiving call.. blank about 3second before can hang up or pickup....... help.. otherwise, really great rom.. battery last 2days...