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  1. tesla608 added a post in a topic [ROM][4.1.1][B209] AOSP MOD [28/02/2015]   

    Some media paths sets before using device as UMS are broken just after connecting back SD card to the device - for example notification sounds in Telegram app are lost and i must set it again after stop using device as UMS
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  2. tesla608 added a post in a topic [ROM][4.1.1][B209] AOSP MOD [28/02/2015]   

    In my case is the same, but only when i am opening some heavy application, or have some on the background. In others cases is this ROM really very fast.
    Will you please include fix for dispatching media when using device as USB mass storage?
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  3. tesla608 added a post in a topic [ROM][4.1.1][B209] AOSP MOD [28/02/2015]   

    No libs touched :)
    It works perfectly, and much nicer :)
    Anyway i am curious why Andro keyboard is doing that.
    I try explain (with my english) what is happening on keyboard:
    When i touch some key, letter is written and the key still looks like he is touched, even i am not touching him anymore. After touching another key, gray color (sign of touched key) from previous key dissapear and the same letter is written again and new touched key is again signed as touched (and written for the first time)
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  4. tesla608 added a post in a topic [ROM][4.1.1][B209] AOSP MOD [28/02/2015]   

    Thanks H3ROS for this pure rom! Caller screen is amazing and really works :)
    I have only one issue (described in link above for Windows, but exactly the same in Android):
    Changes i made before flashing your rom:
    - replaced calculator
    - removed shuttle apk, added gone mad player
    - removed wallpapers apks
    - replaced default_wallpaper.jpg in framework-res.apk
    Clearing cache of the keyboard, wipe dalvik & cache did not solve the problem.
    Do you have any advice about this issue?
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