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  1. не работает, попробуй для начала
  2. After the problem is not repeated, The frequency is not increased. 5 hours of work excellent. Thanks
  3. Hangs when booting in 50% of cases :(
  4. Thank you Repartitioning does not change anything. Only the system partition is now 1 GB, data - 2 gigabytes. 4.2.2. slembean did not react
  5. I use it on G510. And already repartitioning G300 because it is much more stable and comfortable.
  6. Please upgrade to the latest build of the update or after repartition it can be installed without changes?
  7. Many interesting stuff there is here, but it is is not quite suitable for g300 http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/374535-how-to-repartition-g330/
  8. Use firmware for Y300. Link at head works
  9. Slimkat very often loses network
  10. This is only for this mod or Tesla too?
  11. At the latest build this option not set as default. Frequency processor is reset to 1000 and not stored (1200 for G510). But all this solved using Kernel Adiutor. This build is very wonderful
  12. Please upload this file to any other location
  13. Please share links to the latest build. The link in the subject has died.
  14. I tried a few files, downloaded again. Rollback on CM11 and all run without downloads