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  1. Did that,the file is empty for the 4.4.2 gapps link. Its vibe ui 2.0 v1451 with a root file
  2. Can someone suggest a rom with few bloatware apps in it. Ive just dloaded vibe ui but its overrun. Is there a separate gapps file to flash with it?
  3. China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    The s6 looks nice. Lte too. 170 sqids
  4. flashing roms

    Ahhh. Ok great thanks. Yes i think they were in shared drives.
  5. flashing roms

    Hi all. Ive seen a number of download links which contain roms in a folder structure which inlude the boot image file. Im familair with flashing a rom via clockwork mod by installing the zip file, but how do i flash via the boot img? Thanks
  6. China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    The A820 is 4.5 inches The lenovo a806 is nice, 5 inches 13mp camera octa core and LTE. Read around for problems though with this model as i think there are problems with root access
  7. China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    Take a look at kimovil.com and find your perfect match
  8. China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    Are they a decent manufacturer?
  9. China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    http://to2c.bmetrack.com/c/v?e=6C952D&c=46761&t=0&l=13AA30BB&email=DJHB5%2BpUrmnCref0QxxO4%2F7L6Qic7A8e Linky for jiayu s3 $179.00 From to2c
  10. China Phone Discussion [Part 2]

    Coolio, at least it is easier to find. Anyone wanna start populating the thread with any new handset or whats comming soon in the china phone world. Ill start with an MTK new innovation called HotKnot. Its a file sharing app that shares small files by bringing the screens into close proximty. Its one the Cubot s200 although itz uselesswithout another compatible handset
  11. im running MyUI on my coolpad F1. +1 for a move for the thread. With regards to call quality, you should maybe checkout a guy called S7YLER. He reviews chinese mobes on his YouTube channel. Thats where i found my S200 review. Many of the forums icluding here, xda etc have quite a lot of chinese fone users and you pick up the tone of the threads with respect to call, quality, build quality and software. Keep looking and you wont be disappointed if you do your homework. Dont let your money burn a hole in your pocket. Maybe wait for some more lollipop phones over the next few months. But given you can get a decent spec phone for a ton, you can get an new one every 12months or so. ive bought a coolpad f1 a doogee dg2014 turbo and a cubot s200 over the last 18 months all have work well and at that price, they're pretty much disposable, but better than any UK upgrade for the cheaper contacts.
  12. When dipping your toe into the chinesemarket theres lots of info around in reviews and forums and all that info can be quite overwhelming. with may different views who can you trust? If you do your research you can bag yiurself a great phone. Although my first chinese phone was too big, unrootable and had no discernable community so didint suit my needs. In the chinese phone arena you need a community to keep you uptodate with roms and rooting etc. If your just after a new phone then take the plunge and buy your phone. Id swerve the unkown brands or flagship phones as they tend to have bugs and minor issues with their software which may upset your buying experience. Theres nothing worse than buyers remorse when you cant send your unit back due to the high cost of postage. Ive jusf bought a cubot s200 from a uk reseller on ebay. Its a nice phone but nowt special but ive no real need for high tech cameraas or 4g. Keep looking and keep us updated with your thoughts
  13. nice work Dakok, have you got any stats on reliability? My 48 hr quick trawl of the chinese forums and online reviews showed problems ranging from malfunctioning OTG, misfiring/timing camera flashes and poor call volumes with phones from : Lenovo golden warior ASUS Zenfone Elephone p6000s - and the p3000 All were around the same pricepoint @ £100, 5 inch and 4g Admitedly, you mainly get what you pay for, but sometimes a gem like the coolpad f1 comes along. ESR
  14. PRESALE : or whatabout the Jaiyu s3 5.5 inch LTE : 2.6, 1800 and 800 mhz available at Coolicool.... http://www.coolicool.com/jiayu-s3-mtk6752-64-bit-octa-core-3gb-ram-55-inch-ips-fhd-screen-android-44-4g-lte-smartphone-g-35452 Other retailers also available ESR
  15. I bought the 5.0 inch cubot s200 which just arrived. Great phone but low specced @ £80. 5.5 inch LTE : ZTE GRAND S II http://www.kimovil.com/en/where-to-buy-zte-grand-s-ii-lte

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