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  1. 8.1 is also best and fastest for me, think I'll stick with it for a while
  2. What processor settings do you have to get a score of 12000? And does it affect gaming performance? I haven't made any changes and get a score of 9587
  3. I'd happily do a fresh/clean install every time as it really is the best way to do it, but it just takes forever with putting all apps back in and logging back into everything!
  4. Is it just me or does 8.2 seem slower and more laggy than chils 8.1, or is it just because I did a dirty install? I only ask this as I have a game that all of 7.0-8.0 forced close a lot and lagged all the time, then it worked perfectly with 8.1 with not one force close, and then its force closed twice in 12 hours with 8.2. If it is because of a dirty flash I don't understand why it worked perfectly with 8.1 as I have only ever done a clean install as the first install. On a side note chil this is a fantastic ROM, the best KitKat ROM out there, and modding33 thanks for your input too!
  5. Got to say, I've been having issues with the game 'hellfire' force closing all the time and struggling to play, with this, the phone is smoother and the game runs perfectly, awesome job chil!!
  6. Don't know if its been asked yet but..is there any way to stop audio volume going back up when starting games? It does it every time, even after I turn it to mute and restart the app the volume is back up? And on a side note chil this is a fantastic ROM, really well done, don't care what these moto g fans say, for a phone at this price you've done an excellent job and it is by far the best KitKat ROM I've come across!!!! Thanks
  7. Yeah sure its something to do with the phone itself, you shouldn't be able to do the exact same process with totally different outcomes on identical devices......
  8. It may sound stupid, but I'm not sure it even is the ROM's, this is because both me and my partner have the same phone (y300-0100) and I set both phones up, put chils360 kernel on with twrp, mini gapps, and did nothing else, this was the exact same with the exact same process for both phones, my partner had so many reboots the phone became unusable and so put back to stock ROM, whereas I haven't had a single reboot for over a month, I'm sure it must have something to do with play store apps installed on each phone or just each phone not reacting to a custom ROM the same way, it seems a lot do the same thing every time with different outcomes, I'm no expert so I can't say that's fact but from my experience that's my opinion :)
  9. Do you get ota updates for the kernelAnd do you flash it like you would flash a ROM with the .zip from SD card what wipes do you make Yes just flash as normal zip through recovery and wipes are usual dalvik and cache, please make sure you download the correct kernel, link is about 6 pages back, don't download it from chil360's slimkat ROM page as it will not work.
  10. That's what I've got, but doesn't actually seem to have made any difference whatsoever, unless I haven't done it properly, u just flashed the .zip file if that's all you're supposed to do I've noticed no change....
  11. Chil360's kernel, you'll find the link 3-4 pages previous, not sure about radio as I don't use it but everything else working perfectly for me :)
  12. Seems strange then, but I have been following this thread for months now and it does seem that with the same install people do seem to be getting some varied outcomes, maybe someone with a better knowledge and understanding could give guidance?
  13. To be honest, I've watched fb videos, customised,played games and all sorts without a single reboot, are yo doing all correct wipes before and after each install? And did you do a full wipe before the initial install? As if not issues can be left behind, I did all wipes and dalik/cache after each imstall/update and its working brilliantly!
  14. Yes, you have to, the nightly update replaces chil's kernel; the swapdragonx only works on swap enabled kernels like chil's.
  15. I'm sure its been asked before but can't find it so I apologise, do I have to reflash chil360's kernel and swapdragonx every time I do a nightly update? Thanks