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  1. Coolpad F1 8297w

    Hello guys, I haven't been here for a while (little less than 2 months) because, you know, summer and stuff :D I'm running pure aosp by jonzalvo (4.2 i think) on my f1 and it's been perfect, everything's working great, the phone is "flying" through everything, plastic that it's made from is very good and the screen is excellent. Battery holds for about 4 and a half hours of screen on time (1-2 days of use). I have only 1 little thing that I can complain about, and that's the volume of the ringer/notification, the ringer in general. I would like it to be a bit louder, and I know it's possible to do something about it in mtkuncletools and I wanted to ask you what that is, cause i dont know obviously. So, help on guys! I'm really over satisfied with the phone itself!
  2. Coolpad F1 8297w

    You mean on that cpu lower clock battery thing? OK I'll uncheck it and see if it helps. Thanks.
  3. Coolpad F1 8297w

    Today I was playing the walking dead for about half an hour and after that my phone rang: I put it on my ear and it was so hot I couldn't hold it against the ear... Could it be becaus3 of the rom? It's jonzalvo's AOSP 1.1. Any of you got some similar problems during games or something else?
  4. AOSP-CoolPad-F1W-V1.1-by-jonzalvo That's the one I got. I'll search for the link when I get home.
  5. I don't think there are many, or I don't know about them, advantages of CoolLife in comparison with AOSP. What's that that is 'boring' in AOSP and what's that cool about CoolLife? On the other side there are many flaws that I couldn't cross over. Take a look at my AOSP with apex launcher with custom theme (kitkat style, and some gravitybox tweaks). I also put some pinch, swipe up/down actions in apex and it's fully functional for me.
  6. Coolpad F1 8297w

    I'm using AOSP jonzalvo rom 1.1. whole day and I'm not experiencing any problems now besides the sms (inbox and outbox is separated). Other things are working fine, for now I'm staying on AOSP. I suppose I'll try out the colors later on but I'm not in the hurry.
  7. Coolpad F1 8297w

    Sorry I didn't write it down. It was default coollife 015.
  8. Coolpad F1 8297w

    I'm getting annoyed by the few things in my rom: - I set the swiftkey keyboard for default and it keeps getting android keyboard back after a few uses. - With whatsapp I had to manually put some notification sound cause by default there was no sound - Yesterday I installed all my apps, and this morning when i click on tapatalk i get the message "app isn't installed". The same thing with tasker. I put them back again, rebooted the phone later and again with tasker I get "app isn't installed". When I put it up back again, it has all my profiles saved, but the app just goes away... - That default message app is so bad, I mean getting the sent and recieved messages of the same person in different chats.... I'll try joznalvo's aosp v1.1. and hope for better luck with the things I said above. Besides that few things, rom was working fine...
  9. Coolpad F1 8297w

    There's a link on my link (lol) and it says: so i guess that's the same thing? Do you know some good message app? This default message app has different messages for inbox and outbox, it's so bad :D I guess i could try hangouts for sms. What do you guys use? Is there a way to make the quick settings look like tiles by default without clicking on the top right button, rather than that slider?
  10. Coolpad F1 8297w

    http://www.needrom.com/mobile/coolpad-f1-8297w-aosp/ this one? I've tried miui for a whole hour and i didn't like it much. It has some cool features, but this icon bunch on the screens is killing me. It has some cool features and looks though.
  11. Coolpad F1 8297w

    Is gravitybox working on your coolpad? I've tried to set some things like transparent statusbar, clock in the middle of status bar, quick settings change, but none of those work after reboot... Do you maybe know the reason?
  12. Coolpad F1 8297w

    Yes, 015.
  13. Coolpad F1 8297w

    I've decided to put back original ROM that I've got with the phone. It was with less bloatware then 029 lite and 029 v3. Take a look at the apps: (I've added tapatalk whatsapp and maps) And that's it. I'm pretty satisfied with the ROM for today, we'll see when the excitement splashes down a bit :)