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  1. Newbie @ roms

    the thing is that it would be easy if there was 1 post where all the roms would be on. cause they are always spread out on the forum. the link i gave is the only one i could find. my next mission would be a rom for a tablet i have at home wich i did'n find a rom for on this moment but that's another topic
  2. Newbie @ roms

    nevermind, i found it for the people who's searching roms : http://www.modaco.com/topic/361712-list-of-all-custom-roms-on-modaco-65-roms-updated-282213/
  3. Newbie @ roms

    to make myself clear, i'm searching one of the latest roms for my g300 u8815 huawei with a baseband version 2030
  4. hi, i am trying to install another rom i'm at the point where i have to copy the rom and the gapps-jb-20120726-signed.zip the thing is, for the rom it says i have to download it from this forum but i don't seem to find any roms and i'm scared to take whatever i see. who can lead me to roms for the huawei g300 u8815 (jelly bean version)