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  1. Yes I tried but I can't select my dutch language pack I found on other MIUI site. And in the tool it seems I can only pick a few from list?
  2. Thanks bro! It works. Will I be forced to do this every time a new build comes out and I use the build in updater? Or will this ignore those files? You guys have any idea how to import a language file (everything) into a ROM? I found a dutch language pack for this ROM, but i have no idea how to import it into the rom.
  3. I have no idea what you mean. I'm a noob, I only know how to flash ROM, can you help me? :s
  4. Helo, I'm using 4.7.11 (V5) MIUI rom and my sim card is not being detected. Its not my phone since I just flashed stock default rom and then its detected instantly. But not now with my current phone. Info: Phone: Coolpad F1 8297w MIUI 4.7.11 (V5) Sim not detected the MIUI rom it seems Sim detected on stock default android rom Also please also help me with my other MIUI problem (network error, can't sign in on MI services): http://en.miui.com/thread-27433-1-1.html Any fix?
  5. Hey, I can't login on my Mi Account on my phone. Everytime I try it gives: Network error for past 2 days.No problem when I try online on my computer though. Any fix? Greetz
  6. I just got my coolpad f1 and downloaded the MIUI rom http://en.miui.com/download-208.html ( http://miuirom.xiaomi.com/rom/u27615941/4.6.28/miui_8297_xs_4.6.28_6ea8eb00f0_4.2.zip ) After I flashed the ROM my wifi/WLAN stopped working, its not turning on but neither 'off'. As you can see in the screens its stuck/frozen. its not bright orange as other icons and no matter how often i push it it won't go off or on. And in second screen you can see its stuck and i can't do anything, can't swipe it on or off and I have no internet.... Any fix?
  7. Nice! I was able to Buy EZ Flash IV from a US seller zercath on Ecrater.com, As of 2014 Ebay does no longer allow the sale of EZ Flash IV carts or any Flashcarts, You could check that seller out and see if he still has any for sale,I received mine from this seller in a few days for a great price http://zercath.ecrater.com

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