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  1. I am having troubles with TPT. I tried the pre-made TPT file G1-G2v10 stock from here: http://www.amphoras.co.uk/downloads/blade-tpts but upon starting with menu&vol+ the power LED stays red and the display freezes while showing the green android picture. I also tried creating a custom TPT inside the TPT helper app with 190mb, the file check in the app found 11/13 matches, no missing files. (apparently) although premade tpt-zips have over 20 files in them. Doesn't seem trustworthy. I have a Gen2 Blade upgraded from Gen1 a long time ago. Any ideas?
  2. Hey! I've read that since Android 4.1.2 the phone tells the network operator, if tethering is beeing used and they can block it that way. Has this problem been fixed yet in CM11 and this ROM? I'm planning to book a data option. https://pmf.silvrback.com/fixing-tethering-on-android-kitkat <--- I did not find this particular entry on the latest ROM.
  3. Yes, with sd-ext. But I am talking about the phone not waking up at all sometimes with previous builds. But it has been only a few days of usage so, we'll see.
  4. Great work! I love how much faster and more responsive the keyboard is now with this latest build. Also, no more problems with waking the phone up so far.
  5. I signed up as well to say thank you to you and all other contributors for this amazing work! My Blade is over 3 years old and still going strong thanks to you! But I experience a problem others have mentioned before, the power button does not work properly sometimes: either with a delay or in rare cases not at all and the phone reboots itself or requires to take out the battery.