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  1. What can I upgrade to?

    if you check the forums there is kit kat roms from zeelog
  2. Update - I extracted Gen1-to-Gen-TPT-v10f to my sd card and followed the instructions some green text came up and the phone rebooted with android logo and then straight into clockworkmod v5.0.2.0 and I followed the intructions on zeelogs post but when I click install from zip its not working. I get --installing: /sdcard/cm-11-2014060-ZeelogKANG-blade.zip Finding update package... Opening update package... E:Can't open above said zip (bad) installation aborted Update 2 - Just as a test I tried to flash Konsta updated rom and it went in but then when I tried to put the gapps in it came back with the error. Update 3 - It seems to have correct partition now System 131mb / 180mb Data 45.94mb / 274mb Cache 1.19mb / 2.00mb
  3. Also I was going to download gen1 to gen2 v10f but the hosting dropbox has killed it because of to many people downloading. also it says gen1 to gen2 is my device not already on gen2? so that file wouldn't work?
  4. Thanks.. which TPT would I use? there is many to choose from.
  5. Hi I have looked around and I am lost.. im trying to get my phone upgraded to 4.4.3 here is all the information I have on the phone. Mr pigfish says you have gen2 model ( sold with android 2.2) TPT Helper European Blade 512mb ram dedicated TPT Upgraded Gen 2 Phone Detected Use gen 1 style TPT's Current partition size System: 140mb Data: 314mb Cache: 2mb ClockworkMod Recovery v5.0.2.0 Model number - Blade Android Version 2.3.4Ba Baseband Ver p729B01 Kernel Ver -perf+ [email protected] Build Number - Blue Ginger V4
  6. Yeh looking for alternative link for the google apps