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  1. The rom is great,fast,everything works...it has a very good camera...
  2. I am very satisfied with this Rom...a keeper :)
  3. did u try to enter it with power button + volume up ? i had some issues before with entering into recovery through mobile uncle...maybe that's the case here
  4. Used it and as I said it didn't affect it It works, problem was that I tested it with blue color, but s5 rom doesn't support blue color Correction it doesn't work...only tests work, but it doesn't change anything...blink rate is always the same and can't turn it off for low battery status etc.
  5. Don't see such app on play store
  6. Is there a way to control how the led blinks and in which color cause non of the app's doesn't seem to have affect on it?
  7. Where do you get all that stuff? It works now :)
  8. I did it but thanks anyway...do you know of some fix for led notifications not working?
  9. Led notifications not working on s5 rom,at least for me
  10. And the fix works ...thanks a lot :)
  11. Where do I find build.prop? Not an expert :) Oh my god...triple post... -.-
  12. Where do I find build.prop? Not an expert :)
  13. Where do I find build.prop? Not an expert :)