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  1. This worked just fine! DC-unlocker didn't work for me with any of the drivers provided. However, Huawei replied to me with the unlock code within 2 hours. I sent my e-mail around 2-3 AM EET (+2 GMT) and got a reply around 4 AM. This has to do with their business hours in China, and I think reply chances increase greatly if you take that into account and send your request when it's daytime over there. I did have a slight hard time following this step. It says to go to the folder where you extracted "it" but it should be easier if it said "go to the ADB folder you created earlier". I extracted about 5 different things to get this far and I scratched my head a little when I came to this step before I figured out what I had to do. :D But overall, this was easy to follow and to install. Thanks!
  2. Hi! Noob here. I just installed CM11 and tried to install the latest GApps from this thread. However, the GApps install fails due to insufficient storage space on the system partition. It says I need 130492 KB but only have 41776 KB available. The original post said there should be enough space with the latest nightly and the gapps. I formatted the /system partition as the instructions said, but still nothing. Should I try another zip instead of the pa_gapps-modular-really-micro-4.4.4-20140629-signed, currently available on the links in the original post? Is there a step I'm missing and failing to free up space? Thanks! *edit* - Whoops! My noob is showing. I copied the wrong zip to the SD. I got both GApps versions, one from the link you provided and one from the xda-developers mentioned in the CM11 thread. Your version installed OK.
  3. Hello! I used to lurk around here, trying to switch to CM11 but it seemed risky (there were compatibility issues with the phone's chipset, phones were getting bricked etc.). But I lost touch with the development path of CM11 and 90 pages of discussion is way to much for me to read through in order to catch up. So, are there still issues with chipsets or can CM11 be installed on any G300 now? Except for the ROM, CWM and GApps, is there anything else I need to install or any other steps I should follow in order to switch to CM11? Any help is welcome! Thanks a bunch! *edit* - rooted, have Samsung memory, currently installing latest CWM, CM11 and gapps. Hope it works. *edit 2* - Got it. Phone moves much better than with carrier ICS. Kudos to all devs making this!