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    How do i root the Smart_E4 ?

    .I just need windows machine and i'll solve this, afterwards I'll post a guide .
  2. bokocrew

    How do i root the Smart_E4 ?

    Hello I'm in this quest of rooting the Smart_E4 which i can't seem to find much information about,that's why I came to modaco which has a lot of "phone smart" or "smart phone" people hehehe, well maybe someone could shine me a light on this? Good info for lurkers and people on the same road: JellyBean android version 4.2.1. Baseband version:E4XXUAMDK Model number:Smart_E4 Chipset: MTK6589 http://androidxda.com/root-efox-smart-e4 http://www.needrom.com/download/efox-smart-e4/ http://forums.coolicool.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=117 (root for e6) Got stuck on 1st not being able to install framaroot which seems to appear as not executable and is not listed as a compatible device on framaroot website http://framaroot.net/devices.html , also i need to get acess to a windows machine to try other alternatives.
  3. Wish i have known that before it got stuck on bootloop an i ran out of ideas, my baseband is 109808 so i'm assuming the bootloader is already unlocked. Will leave my phone like this for now won't try much more I'm using GBXTREME from here http://www.modaco.com/topic/368846-romgb-b895-gbxtreme-rom-%E2%9C%B029032014%E2%9C%B0-multibaseband/ which is very good i recommend to all g300 owners. Peace out my arms are hurting.
  4. Thanks men will be trying this one out :)
  5. Seems very good thank you! +1 ;) Can't seem to find adaway on the play store Just because this was said: "Use adaway to keep it p to date" Little help here thanks ^^
  6. So i found out what broke the phone specifically, so a fair warning to all, in this step of the modaco huawei recommended website http://huaweig300.com/huawei-g300-install-a-custom-jelly-bean-ics-rom-from-scratch/re-root-unlock-bootloader-install-clockworkmod-recovery/ it's on the step13. Enter the following commands into the terminal: chmod +x bootloader-g300.sh sudo ./bootloader-g300.sh shitty bootloader...
  7. I love you ! :D It worked like a charm! Thank you so much i haven't been able to research as much due to tendinitis but comming here and seeing this solution has helped me a lot i don't have to use my sos phone anymore vhristenco you are awesome! Will leave your post here for others to see. From vhristenco: 1. Force Flash this file. This will allow you to flash ANY rom afterwards. After rebooting you can remove the battery, no need to fully boot to ICS. 2. Force Flash B895. AFAIK it's the latest european GB. By "Force Flash" I mean copy to the dload folder on sd-card, remove the battery, wait for a few seconds, re-insert the battery and power on the phone while pressing both Vol+ and Vol-. Backups if links die 1.https://mega.co.nz/#!V0tglSRB!lvRkpUugLbkyTRczCm_7JH0HDKUFD0El5UfELBtsR8o 2.https://mega.co.nz/#!V0llXB5Y!UMC0XE89W6vjnBYCOw9IIrPAZdgV1vSUK_Mj2Fprl4M
  8. Gracias amigo, it's no problem i know a bit Spanish plus the translator it's like speaking the language. Reading the whole forum there i hope i can solve it, my problem is the step one but how would i install a rom if i can't even access the phone i guess i need a tool will keep looking :) Still can't get a good tool read most of the interesting stuff but I’m still stuck with the problem. Will keep on reading and trying...If anyone is kind to help I’ll appreciate it. The CWM(ClockWorkMod) i need to install the app and i can't even enter the phone. The TWRP (TeamWin Recovery Project) doesn't support huawei g300
  9. Hey there modaco community sorry for being a first poster asking for help which seems bad to any community i've always been a reader but since i'm out of ideas i've created an account... The problem is i was trying to upgrade my phone tried some stuff from http://huaweig300.com followed all steps closely and fine but got stuck with a boot loop while on step 6 since the link was dead on step 5 and i read "Continue with this guide if you want to install a custom ICS / JB ROM. Alternatively, you can stop this guide if you are happy with the official ICS ROM your phone is currently running." so i kept on bad mistake... The phone turns on the huawei symbol appears then it reboots and the same happens again and again, can't enter in any mode vol up or down +power and my pc,running on linux, doesn't detect a thing. Can only enter on a weird mode which i'm trying to learn what it means which is volume down+up+power button which leaves me in a pink screen. Have imei,contacts,photos,etc backed up in case s*** hit the van and oh boy did it spread all over the place. <- same bootloop Info cellphone: Was official ROM and was rooted... U8815 android version Gingerbread Baseband 109808 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1850464&page=2 seems like the same problem. Will keep reading and lurking until i solve this which is a great challenge! But any help will be apreciated.