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  1. Hope something will come up for the 7040T soon. TIA
  2. Thanks OP for the rom. Sold my Y300 today. This is a great phone for the money, so much to play with. Thanks again.
  3. HR3OS, thanks, I found an old sim card which of course without active service and tested with the phone, it seems to be able to find all available networks in my area so I suppose it did not touch the radio. Btw, I notice that there are like reboot and soft reboot option when I try to turn off the phone but after a factory reset those two options are gone, do you know how I can get them back. I don't have a sim or sd card in the phone. Thanks.
  4. I have a quick question, I have a Bell Canada Y300-151, after I flashed this rom, it became a Y300-100 when I view "phone status" my phone is unlocked and rooted. I am wondering if this rom will change my radio ie no longer able to connect to Canadian networks. I don't have a working sim to test it out, any help is appreciated.
  5. 8.2 Random reboot again, no problem with 8.0, hope 8.4 is better
  6. If your random restarts is caused by unlocking screen, try some other launcher. It seems to have fixed my problem after I deleted Nova Launcher and use Google now lanucher
  7. upgraded to 7.9 so far so good. by the way textplus doesn't work since 7.8, not sure if it is the rom or the textplus update. uninstalled it since I don't have a data plan.
  8. Updated to 7.8, so far so good. Testing Solo Launcher too.
  9. serious random reboot when screen unlock with this build. waiting for 7.8
  10. updated to 7.6, 1st impression, it seems faster than 7.4. Great job OP and slimkat team
  11. Getting random reboot when screen unlock. It happens with 6.8, 7.0 seems to be gone with 7.2 but came back with 7.4. 6.6 seems to be most stable, 7.2 is good too.
  12. Do I need to download an app to change governor? TIA
  13. I just try and don't have reboot while playing video from gallery but I mainly use MX player for that task and it is a great app for video playing.