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  1. jakethedooggg

    LeEco / LeTV Le1 - X600 - Info / Software / Custom Roms

    You can make it show SIM contacts and filter contacts that you have on other apps and gmail. (On the stock contacts app at least, I don't use Google Contacts)
  2. jakethedooggg

    LeEco / LeTV Le1 - X600 - Info / Software / Custom Roms

    Mmm I can though! But it's not like I use contacts app very much.
  3. jakethedooggg

    LeEco / LeTV Le1 - X600 - Info / Software / Custom Roms

    For those who maybe will install the room Dakok posted above, which comes without Root, flash this: http://www.supersuroot.com/download/SuperSU-root-BETA-v2.67.zip
  4. jakethedooggg

    LeEco / LeTV Le1 - X600 - Info / Software / Custom Roms

    At some point we all will come here hahah. Also, we need more AOSP roms this phone is too much MIUI and EUI :(
  5. Yeah it comes with some kind of hard plastic cover. Does the trick ok I guess although I need to buy a new case and maybe an screen protector too. Nice to see someone else buying it! Hope LeTV x600 community grows up a lot!
  6. I'll be here anyway! My sister will get the Coolpad, or my dad. But for now the Coolpad is in my hands and I still waiting for a CM12.1 rom for it 100% stable... I will give support here for the X600 as I'm from spain and we have a LeTV forum on MovilesDualSim and there's great people there. For now I can say that the only AOSP rom drains battery too fast, but is amazing in everything else. Even with that SOT is better than the Coolpad. And is fairly easy to install TWRP and custom roms.
  7. As described here I guess? http://www.movilesdualsim.com/tema/wifi-debil-letv-x600-solucion-hardware-guia-fotos-nuevas.109056/ Yeah, as you can see it's "easily" replaceable, but I don't know how hard it could be, doesn't looks like it's connected like normal batteries. I'll see someday if I have to apply that wifi fix... atm is working fine, not as good as the Coolpad but almost.
  8. Battery is removable at some point, because you can take out the back of the phone (for a wifi fix). Not having sd card in LP is ok, because then you won't have storage problems and such!
  9. Well it's not something I might use A LOT as I'm used to not have, but it has slow motion video and that's enough. The rest is awesome, super smooth, awesome phone. I bought mine in GeekBuying, which is where I bought my last 3 phones and very good. 177€ aprox. (+ shipping tax), 32GB.
  10. Got my LeTV and it's very very good, although I'm in need of an AOSP rom with stock camera and remote IR app.
  11. I'll do! In spanish forums there's some development too. How's your LeTV working so far? I've seen people had wifi signal issues and such, did you?
  12. I ended up buying one too such a great, yet cheap, phone. I needed a change it's been nearly a year and a half with this lovely Coolpad. I hope LeTV development grows some more like Coolpad did! Keep me informed about roms! :)
  13. jakethedooggg

    [ROM][CM12.1] Kingzone K1 port | 13/11/15

    True that. What a fail... could you flash it?
  14. jakethedooggg

    [ROM][CM12.1] Kingzone K1 port | 13/11/15

  15. jakethedooggg

    [ROM][CM12.1] Kingzone K1 port | 13/11/15

    I made another one with a very high chances to work: https://mega.nz/#!GQhVVCjI If someone can test it meanwhile please. I'll fix any bug you all say. If bootloop, we better wait for a better port... but I feel that it won't bootloop.