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  1. Hi! I tried the new version with enabled frandom and dynamic fsync and also thought that it felt a bit laggy and apps sometimes not responding. Disabled both and will test without it. Greets
  2. Hi people. I had a small conversation with fonz yesterday about this ad-featured google-drive links and told him that I would rather donate some money than clicking links that potentially install trojans on our systems. I'm sure I am not the only one... He put up a PayPal donation link, so PLEASE, be kind an donate a small amount! Greets DA
  3. Thank you very much! I'll try Viper as well!
  4. Hi fonz! I'm using your updated ROM and i noticed some performance increase, especially free RAM due to deletion of system apps. Great work! But what happend to the DSP-Manager? I loved that one! I also tried installing the app manually by putting it in the system/app folder (rw-r-r) and it appears in the app drawer but unfortunately it has no effect at all on the music. Any ideas? Greetings, DA
  5. 1) do you mean this one? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.uniquedroid.appkeyboarddebugsettings 2) I've only recognized it in your ROM but can still be app related. Doesn't bother my anyway, just thougt you might be interested :)
  6. Hi fonz! I'm using your ROM for a while now and i must say that I'm quite pleased with it.. THANK YOU. There are two minor bugs that appeared to me: 1) keyboard swipe does not result in words.. I tried recording a logcat but unfortunately it produces no error messages 2) when using threema, if I'm entering a message and turn the screen to landscape and back, sometimes the last entered word is duplicated and pasted right after the previously entered word. Any ideas? Greetings, DAMMANN
  7. Might check that. Thank you for the hints :)
  8. wtf? did you do a clean installation? zRam?
  9. So far, the test build ist very smooth and stable for me. good work. After flashing I'm experiencing low free RAM sometimes. With enabled zRam it was about 130 - 150 MB before and is now about 70 - 110 MB. Can this be related to the dirty flashing procedure? I haven't changed anything else. Regards, dammann
  10. Ah, well that's a good question. It would be great to have a list of all ROMs... You said you have the "cm-10.1-20140113" version. R22 (current) is "10.1-20141002" May I sugggest that you update your ROM after wiping cache and Dalvik? Or you try PNF root from Playstore to set the push interval manually.
  11. Hey! If you are looking for the newest build, I'd suggest that you have a look at the first post where the download link for the R22 build is posted. Regards.
  12. Hi! First of all: this is a great ROM. Thanks to everyone contributing to it! I'd like to report a minor bug: when leaving flight mode, after entering the PIN, there is an overlay of the maximized CLOCK widget on the lock screen with the unlock pattern (see screenshot attached). I have to mention that, at the moment, I am using ceXtel kernel v0.62 and the updated CLOCK app from KitKat. As I said, just a minor thing, pattern still works normally. Keep up the good work! Thank you!
  13. Same here. I found that it doesn't happen too often with ondemand or interactive governors and the min cpu speed not set below 320 MHz.
  14. The question has been raised and answered multiple times. Please use the search function or read the last few pages!
  15. Did you do a clean install or dirty flash? I did a dirty flash and Play store is working, so I am singed in..