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  1. @chil360 Can you add a priority to the zram in fstab.huawei please?
  2. Just flashed 8.2 and everything works great so far. GPS signal is strong (tried Maps, Runtastic Pro and Ingress), dialer is working, performance is great so far. Might be pure luck, but I never had GPS working indoors this quickly. BTW, I never had any of those bugs.. Thanks @chil360 for this great ROM!
  3. Chrome is fine. AFAIK it's using its own webkit. I'm using it for my daily browsing. Having 20+ tabs open is no problem, no white boxes. Only trash sites full of ads lag.
  4. AFAIK, the default setting on KitKat is mtp. Have you tried mass storage?
  5. I was experiencing the same with twrp. Try setting your sdcard as primary storage. - mobile
  6. Is there a guide or something similar online how to build this kernel from source? (I think) I'm building it right now, but it seems very cumbersome to me. - mobile
  7. I also had issues with Link2SD. So I tried to mount the 2nd partition (ext4 - created on Arch Linux with mkfs.ext4 v1.42.10) of my sdcard manually. Which failed. I could resolve it by running mke2fs /dev/block/mmcblk1p2 on adb shell though. Seems to me like some ext4 features are not supported in the kernel. I will try to find out more about this, since I'm stuck on ext2 for the moment. Update: A ext4 partition formated with AParted works fine..