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  1. Shut down, remove the battery, wait one minute, insert battery, boot up. This can happen sometimes if the regulators are not reset between reboots from other kernel versions (like recovery) and it's normal since the kernel for the recovery is 3.1 with 3.1 regulator code and my kernel is 3.10-3.14 regulator code.
  2. I have no idea since i can't really do anything without a log of the event. I do know that in some instances you'll need to just turn the volume up for in call volume but that mainly has to do with speakerphone not working.
  3. Just don't boot to recovery (or reboot to recovery) with the charger or USB plugged in and you'll be fine.
  4. There seems to be something amiss with TWRP, i've had problems with it hanging too (during a restore of the system) but never that bad. For me it happens if i reboot to recovery with USB or power cable attached. How far do you get on the bootup, does it show the logo at all?
  5. Because i decided against it in favour of a combination of zswap, frontswap and vnswap backported from 3.11.
  6. Your English is fine and i'm happy to help. :)
  7. Yeah, i know, i might fix it later on or not, depending on how much work it is. ;) I have no idea if Delta or Open will work at all, it might and it might not, depends on what version of is in the package. I do know the one i provided will work though. I've been meaning to make an OpenGAPPS package since they have all the scripts and stuff to make it easy but i haven't gotten around to it and probably won't for some time.
  8. I've had no crashes and no hangs with this version since it was made (18'th) and neither has anyone else testing it so i'd say it's stable enough for daily use.
  9. Also, i am making a version with my OpenGLES and stock blobs which will be just as fast and while that fixes a load of quirks (mainly QR scanning and green overlays on previews) it does not work with screen casting. If there are people wanting that version, let me know.
  10. This is beta code and while tested it has some quirks but it's far and beyond what LP5.1.1 ever was. Auto rotation doesn't work after deep sleep, it's a known issue so if you decide to try it, know that. Issues and how to fix: No sound on incoming or outgoing call: Press and hold volume up while in call. No deep sleep after first reboot from recovery: Shut down, remove the battery, wait one minute, insert battery, boot up. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Release date: 2016-07-24 Update: 2016-07-26 Changelog: Fixed autorotation Added new autosleep configuration Fixed screenshot, if you want to take a screenshot first enable the option in the shutdown menu (settings->interface->buttons->shutdown menu->tap screenshot) then just bring up the shutdown menu wherever you want to take the screenshot and select screenshot. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gapps: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: If you are installing from an earlier version of Vanir-6.0 Mourta then just install the zip and reboot, no need to wipe anything. To install it from my SlimRom, wipe data and install the ROM, the Gapps and the Webview in that order, reboot. As it optimizes apps and then hits the blue screen where you select language give it a minute for the regulators to settle, then proceed as you normally would. If you have previously been using another ROM, shut it down from recovery and wait for a minute and then do the same procedure as above. It is very important that the regulators are completely reset if you are coming from a 3.1 kernel because this kernel is using 3.10 regulators and they need to get reset before you boot it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Source: Device: Vendor: Kernel:
  11. If i release something new there will be a new thread for it.
  12. You could just not read my posts, that may be easier if me reporting what the testing version is capable of is causing these grave anger issues for you.
  13. Well given that i can use all new stuff from 6.0.1 in 4.4 it won't offer any benefits at all. Things like the new ART are easily backported to 4.4 so it will be better.
  14. You may be interested in knowing that Vanir 6.0.1 has been in testing for a while and while it's not 4.4.... I have to say that compared to Slim it's like night and day. Not quite done with the adaptations for a solid base yet but when we do reach that point it will be released in one version. Then NothingSerious updates come into play and i am banging my head at a wall for not realizing this sooner but the ROM actually has to be specifically built with that to work, most notably, our phone has to fake a Tegra4 in some cases, this is done by a very very simple patchup to allow it to create sync fences. With that and my new powermanager as well as the new tegra code (suspend to idle) we are going to have a very nice time with battery life and performance (the scores are fairly low but consistently over 23 000 which is promising since i haven't added one line of optimized options for this build yet. Well, except hardfp, Tegra4 GLES is hardfp so not using that is just silly.
  15. Perhaps if you try that question in the correct forum?

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