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  1. I... i can't even explain why that works, it's a glitch but what works works.   OTG stays, your method will go into the OP.   I'll be home on wednesday, expect a new kernel then. It's past testing, that was the last complaint and it's been a problem ever since i implemented the OTG code again.   Oh and Juantech, i forgot to send you your kernel for testing, i'll do that too on wednesday, i haven't had the opportunity to test HDMI output but it solved another problem with the Chrome stick so either way, i fixed things. I do think that the new regulator and it's GPIO descriptors will work with HDMI, if it doesn't, i'll have to rewrite the si2k drivers but that won't be a priority. It really should work now though. I realized that it's calling an output that doesn't exist in 3.4 (which is in part why this kernel doesn't play well with other ROMs) but i made room and implemented it.
  2. Yes, when connected to a usb interface you can pull down and click the "connected as media storage" and change it to charging only.   This is also a good thing for those with old media connect USB units because i adapted the USB code to work either as an external usb plug or a USB HDD, this works through the media connector trying to connect so if it's not successful, don't pull it out, just let it be plugged in and then try again. I also have a new kernel but there is a question here, do we want OTG or do we want off line charging to work, because at this point i'm going to France and i don't have any time to do much more than a recompilation, or in short, i don't have the time to fix it so we can have both.
  3.   Still need that log to figure out what is wrong. I can't fix it if i don't know what's broken. 
  4. I need a log to see what is wrong. I assume you did a full wipe before installing, that you're not trying to use another kernel and that you didn't change any settings or use any scripts that you didn't mention. If you did any of those things, reset and try again. This is not a known issue.
  5. Xposed won't work since the ROM is odexed.   A good combination of settings is leaving it as it is since i've already set it to what is the best tested performance/battery standards. Of course, you can change the settings but then you'll trade one for the other. I know that some other people prefer to fiddle with it on their own but IMO, this is the setting that works best.   Except maybe for one thing, you can increase performance and save battery by turning off KSM, it works fine but we have memory and a cached fswap/nswap/zswap solution so it's not really needed.
  6. You don't need to wipe anything as long as you are in my SlimROM so that is not the problem. The call chain is made for a newer version of the kernel, i had to do the same with audio and video since earlysuspend is going away. This probably means that it will be a bit flakey until i move the powerbase to 3.10 but then i have to move a lot of other things to 3.10 too so it's basically a question of how things are implemented, i have to do them in the right order and i'm sorry about this but you'll have to be patient because the fix i included was for audio during suspend, it is not really a perfect solution until we move first the video, then the powerbase, then move to independent EDP and a multitude of other things, then i can implement the code for the hook in the board files. Video is near finished, powerbase is already implemented, the rest will be fairly simple, most of it is as i said before a file copying process to bring it up to date, then we'll just patch update to last known T30 support for some things and beyond that for some other things. 
  7. I know, i'm working on video but it's taking it's sweet time, once that is done everything gets updated to 3.10, i'm going to try to make a kernel with just HDMI fixes for you to test though, i'll PM you either later tonight or tomorrow with it. Hopefully it's just the forgotten lines and a few lines to DC that is needed, if not i'm going to have to review it after i'm done with the update, it's impossible to review all the code for HDMI at this point since it's going to go away pretty soon anyway.
  8. It's because the kernel has the new regulators from 3.10 but the powerbase is still at 3.4. It happens at times but not always. It's going to be fixed by next version.
  9. No, if you are coming from a previous SlimRom of mine you can just install the zip and reboot.
  10. Unless motherfucking jesus came down from motherfuckng heaven it won't do jack s***.
  11. What is it with you and the sheduler, it's not going to do ANYTHING on  a badword phone, it's like the F2FS bullshit, we are not running major SQL databases here.   Just use sio if you want to, pretend you have a log access device.   It STILL won't affect anything, even if you are right.   And you are not. 
  12. No, trust me, this has absolutely nothing to do with your problem what so ever unless you are having the exact same problem in which case it's the same problem and you have one problem apart from that.   Your problem, about the HDA not having a call chain is already fixed and you'll just have to use the next version when i have compiled it, it's a full new version with beta 0.10 so i thought i would include s*** in it so it at the very least fixes some problems that people have not even reported.   One thing i find amusing though "oh i never did anything but install it except for all the other things i did"   This is why i have a testing crew, they are not like you, i ignore you when you do s*** like this.
  13. BTW, it's solved now, i just tested it in the beta0.10 in every possible way i can think of with three different stereo and headset versions and they all worked just fine no matter if i put them in during sleeping hours (verified via logcat that it was woken up)  and via asp-suspend gadgets (i used to use these testing audio for my own additions to Linux so ... it's the old s*** i use in my toolbox for testing my changes on kernel) and it works fine now.   Also fixed the call chain for video, doesn't matter, we'll still need full upgrades for fence sync to make this work. We are now at almost 4300 marks up from 1300 stock and 2500-3400 from my starting point to the last known stable kernel...    So... yeah... we've got something here that works like a mongrel from hell in regards to speed, now let's tame it and tuck it neatly into the rest of our code and make the whole thing work.   I'm having fun with the code now, i prefer to have fun with it before release.

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