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  1. Introducing new development.

    It's not something you would like to know, mate, trust me..the only thing I can share with you is: Mourta is fine, his health is even better and he has no problem with us, with you, with his family nor with anyone else or anything else. Modaco loves him and he loves Linux and android stuff yet. He's been convolved into an important and not rejectable activity, and this matter NEEDS him to be completely absent for a while. Probably he'll be back here in a pair of months, but please, don't ask for more detailed informations. Honestly, we can't share more than this. The near FUTURE: We have been your testers; we'll try to be your devs; we have the needed skills for bringing on this project, at least for the needed time, until Mourta will be back in the business. He will help us figuring out the most serious problems, and patience will be a virtue, just like it was before. The team is mainly composed by me, NothingSerious and Pasquale Lombardi, we will provide you some fresh news about development/testing in a couple of days. Just remember this: Mourta is behind the scenes, he's not gone away at all ;)
  2. We're working on slimrom 5.1, so probably this LS version will be the last one (due to the CM partnership with Microsoft, Mourta decided to just use a code provided by devs who aren't involved at all with that, and slimteam's code is a good choice, according to us). We haven't a sure date for the new ROM's release (we're still in an alpha testing stage), but be sure about this: we are working for you :)
  3. Forewarned is forearmed, am I wrong, chief? ;D
  4. Just a little tip guys: during my testing weeks, I noticed an important battery drain related to Google+ app, so..if you don't use it, disable it. ;)
  5. Well, try building and testing a ROM and a kernel by yourself, then please release it in a week or similar. If you were an adult guy, you'd have never asked for a similar thing..and please, be sure about this: I've been more sweet than how Mourta could be, in front of a similar question ;)
  6. Thank you Chris ;) Well, an approximate date, mmm...wait, I'll ask the bugs about how many time they need to go away..mate, seriously, we haven't a date, it's not a matter of time..it's a matter of coding, investigate bugs and fixing them..and giving you an approximate date is impossible, simply because we really don't want to give you something which may keep your device to an unusability situation..and trust me, if important bugs weren't actually affecting the ROM, we'd release it in seconds..but ATM we need some more time..maybe days, maybe weeks, I really can't give you a sure date..the ROM is booting, is running, but is not as stable as an average user needs it to be..so, we want to release something which must keep users in a situation of no-complaining and no-whining, for our and YOUR pleasure ;) Regards
  7. Mourta-Kernel-3.4 A new beginning [update 2015-03-12]

    Yeah, it's right, at the moment, due to the headers needed by the rom to be compatible with the kernel, just like it was before. Btw, have you seen my PM, mate? ;)
  8. Thank you for you patience and kindness :)
  9. Well, we've experienced some bugs with latest kernel's pre-release (nothing serious, just some freezes and auto-reboots problems), so we're waiting for Mourta's new releases, it seems it will take a bit more time than how it was supposed to take..and about Lollipop, Mourta is fixing last things in P880's LiquidSmooth branch and waiting for some important code's lines to be adapted for LP ;)
  10. Just an observation: you cancelled my reply to laufersteppenwolf's trolling, but not his original trollin' message ;) Ty for having cleaned the thread, anyway.
  11. Well said and very correct ;)
  12. Nightly-Kernel-3.4 (Based 100% on Mourta's, updated 02/24/2015)

    And you're forgetting to tell people that NothingSerious is a member of testing crew, now [emoji14] ;)
  13. Well, maybe you should try the hard way: reboot in recovery, then manually wipe cache, dalvik and SYSTEM, then flash latest ROM's release, latest gapps package and latest 3.4 kernel..then reboot and set all of your kernel settings using kernel tweaker. Please, report back what your experience is, after having done that :)
  14. Known problem. We're working to fix it ;)