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  1. Hi there Modaco'ers, Let's go right off the bat. Last night my battery was almost empty. I flicked on my screen to see how much remained, which was 2%. I also noticed that it was very hot. I thought; "Oh well, it's been in my pocket for a while, so this is normal." Then suddenly I also saw that it was force closing like crazy. Starting with GApps, then Trebuchet, then the Clock, just everything. Then the phone shut off because of the empty battery. I connect it to the charger and attempted to start it up, but it became stuck in a bootloop. I have no idea how it suddenly dropped into that. It started up once more but after filling in the SIM PIN, it force closed again like hell and it rebooted into the bootloop. I could slide the notification bar down and go to the settings, but couldn't tap anything there since the force close-messages kept going and the phone rebooted in the bootloop. I tried to flash an older ROM of CM11, but to no avail. It said the installation was complete but I noticed no difference. This was proven when I tried to flash an older CW recovery which said it had installed, but the version number did not change. Then I tried to wipe data / cache / dalvik, then flashed the ROM. No results. I also tried other ROM's but sadly those don't get it out of the bootloop as well. Then I decided to take it a step further and flashed the DarkSide Wipe thingy which is on XDA. Followed the instructions but still not out of the bootloop. It just stays at the CM animation screen, no matter what I do. I noticed that I can't format / delete the internal storage, nor from the CW Recovery nor from my PC. I can wipe the external SD when I want to, as well as from the recovery as on the PC. I can only boot the phone in fastboot mode and the recovery mode. Booting it normally results in a bootloop. If I attempt to flash the update.app from the Huawei official site, I got a message I've never seen before which said: "Update Exception EMMC is readonly, you can't update your system" I'm getting a little desperate since I really need it for work, appointments and other stuff. Also I don't want to get a new phone because of some stupid bootloop. Can someone please help me with this? I would appreciate it very much. Thanks in advance! My phone specs are: Huawei Ascend G510-0100 Unlocked Bootloader Last working ROM was CM11 as of 21st July (Android 4.4.2) CW Recovery v6.0.5.0