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  1. I heard he's in a secret cave building gingerbread for the 4x
  2. The lollipop preview gave my nexus 5 an extra hour screen time on the battery
  3. Do you overclock or undervolt? If so remove them and see if you still get the screen problem
  4. I must remember to download this when I get home to try it out
  5. Why not just extract the boot.img from the rom zip? And use flashify
  6. Wow someone actually asking for ics. It was awful software
  7. Mourta, what was the fix for sleep of death? My tablet gets it sometimes, wondering if it's something I can fix?
  8. Can you not pull it from cm and install it?
  9. If you look in the kernel thread, Mourta is aware and fixing the ram management soon
  10. I always use banks gapps and never have any problems
  11. I'm confused with all this multirom talk, if you flashed this why would you want the option to swap to an inferior rom?
  12. Well let's hope he wins for his own sake!