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  1. Tried, but didn't work... I just can't bout to bootloader...
  2. Who cares anyway? Whoever wrote this, did it well. Mourta continues the work, so in my opinion ask the credits here belong to him!
  3. Thanks! I did it right anyway using the oem-unlock command. But my p880 didn't start... I will try reinstall the drivers.
  4. New Kernel works great, thanks for the effort! Is there a reason, why I can't boot to bootloader anymore? I only see the LG logo for a long time, but nothing more happens. 10 sec power reboots to rom. Tried to boot to bootloader from TWRP Manager, CWM Manager, Advanced Power Menu and ADB... Thanks in advance!
  5. Try booting without gapps...
  6. Little OT: I just got an invitation for an one+ one 64GB. So, my p880 will soon retire I guess. :-) Has anyone of you experiences with this phone?
  7. And how do you charge the phone? USB or AC? AC should be no problem, even if the CPU is at 370...
  8. I am getting numerous DSP manager crashes, when using Play Music. Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qkmceh8lj02z9e3/dsp_manager_crash.txt
  9. Usw better battery stats to find out what causes the airlock in detail.
  10. Yes, but my variant is the same as gkeko's That's why I'm wondering...
  11. I have the same settings as you have... But my CPU only gets up to 13k. Rest is equal or even better than yours... Ideas to improve this?
  12. I have everything mentioned on, with a lot of push mails and only 2,6 % per hour. But I never reached more than 5200 on quadrant... Edit: only tegra variant 1... :'(
  13. I am running your config, but my phone stays quite cool now. As long as I am not using gps ...