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  1. Afcourse that in development can't every time everything be smooth. We all learn on mistakes :) glad to hear that errors will be fixed :D take your time for testing, don't rush :D
  2. I agree. To many freezes on latest and on one before that.
  3. Well, you s*** on yourself kid. In picture we SEE(you know) that you did make OC. And that good screen on time you can only achieve with big underclock, and i mean BIG, or bigger battery(let someone correct me if i'm wrong). So nothing special on your side. You are on good way to be baned out of this forum as you already are on xda. If you don't have something from what we all can have benefit, you batter be quiet. Don't spam if you don't have obvious evidence.
  4. I have sod today, on latest kernel(02.09). It was around 10:50. Log's attached. 2014-09-03_10.52.zip
  5. Thanks for sharing info...[emoji1]
  6. @ Giuseppe Vallone any big news in kernel that you testing? :D Can you share some info about that? (if not, just ignore, i perfectly understand)
  7. Why on latest kernel release CPU often scaling from 51-370-475 MHz in Idle. On previous was stand still on 51Mhz. Ain't to big problem but no one reported that except me. So maybe this is because i'm on CM official or...row,Westwood, abyssplugv2,inteliplug enabled
  8. @Mourta, since we soon will have 3.4 kernel, right? What are the main benefits, if you can describe in short? Few simple words :D
  9. I installed latest kernel,and all is great except one thing. I notice that CPU scaling alot from 51 to 370 mhz in Idle. Is this OK. Abysplugv2,westwood,inteliplug enabled
  10. For me also was,let say,"stable" but not improvement over dalvik... I totaly agree with Mourta, wait for Android L. (L for large :D )
  11. After few hours of using latest kernel, i must say that i'm really impressed. I've never seen that any kernel swich between freq so fast and go back to 51Mhz when everything setle down and go up so fast. Amazing peace of work i must say. And when i hear that is still space for improvements, that just, whoohu :D. And Android L is close. The winter will be everything but boring :D Sorry for OT but i must say that :D
  12. I think that that westwood is Westwood+ i think that someone ask that in first posts
  13. ok...thanks, i know that need some time to finish, drain 20% or more of battery. And one last question, why i have fo low quadrant score on I/O around 5k for I/O. I see that some users have over 7k in quadrant. I don't care for benchmark, the thing is what i wanna know is, should i need to change something or is that ok and does not have big effect on device performance on every day usage.
  14. If i understand well, if i want to run on ART without problems i need to make clean install and change to ART and then install apps (no backup) or is the same if i just switch to ART any time. Sorry for maybe stupid question,b ut i'm little confused now.