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  1. Mourta-Kernel-3.4 A new beginning [update 2015-03-12]

    I wasn't able to tell what version works with LP and what not, i just heard by someone that 3.1.10 worked and maybe some next.
  2. Mourta-Kernel-3.4 A new beginning [update 2015-03-12]

    You are very welcome. It's an honor to share such a great work Mourta is doing.
  3. Mourta-Kernel-3.4 A new beginning [update 2015-03-12]

    All releases from first to 11-27 version are compatible with all roms except with stock LG that need an edit in anykernel script. But all these have to be tested with LP, some of that are reported working but may not be fully functional.
  4. Now we all achieved a goal: the wow effect (as someone was already known able to do it). OK, to define all the Mourta code wrote "by himself" may be unexact. But we are not doing a literal matter. Before to know how Mourta works i used to cherry-pick around and then tell "i did my kerneel" ! Literally i did nothing of mine. We can clearly see that maybe mourta is taking in part some coded wrote by others too. Ok, it's true, but do we talked about "adapt" and hw drivers not updated? Well there is it too. But wait, the average people populating xda can just tell "i tested and works flawlessly! Thanks dear dev you are great". Common users can't make by theirself any distinction of that if calls any people releasing (publishing) stuff in that forum "dev" just because lot of stuff is put in "original development" by "moderators" that in first person are not making this distinction manipulating the hopinion of people who can't judge by himself. So mister @laufersteppenwolf comes here to feed a drama not to defend honestly his work but to defend how is manipulating people to make believe "all" the work published in original development of his forum is done originals devs while, the facts states there's one or at plus two real devs. The mister went in the wrong place to achieve this goal. We are sufficiently informed by ourself to distinguish a crap from a crop. For this we follow development of mourta in a separate forum where things can be stated and clarified totally without risking the ban of someone who can't accept the pure and simple truth showing obsessions of omnipotence just because he is a MOD in a popular internet forum with millions of visits and has to defend "image interests" more than development interests. Lot of people called devs in xda are kids who plays to little mad developer taking paternity of things they have not done. As one of them wrote "open source does not mean out of respect" but if who talk is the first who doesn't act like this i guess no one can trust this one. But having a clean space out of "image and visit" interests (what i call to make it easy "wow effect") we can finally talk not about "how to moderate a forum policies" but about "real development" and maybe someone can really learn something.
  5. The explanation is simple, people more observative can understand by theirself this. Mourta is not pointing to the immediate wow effect writing 5.0 or something similar on his works. Mourta is improving and update all codebase in such a way to have a kernel long life supported and fully upgradable. This mean that if code is still not in his definite form is not useful to bugfix since codebase (Linux part) has still to be changed. Is matter of planning: if you point to the wow effect you release crap and soon, if you want the quality time, experience and work are the keys.
  6. Since year 33 d. C. seems no one is risen from death. Is someone expected to be today?
  7. It's easy to recognise a test version from another : just see the machine where it was compiled I just shared a test version for stock. I never shared a liquid smooth or cm version. When I did it was just in the testing crew group to troubleshoot and help luca which couldn't see video. In that situation I just reverted a commit from mourta, the remaining was the same exact kernel. I shared it just on the testing crew group to avoid every confusion. So I guess @mourta can be bad informed on it: except in the closed group I never shared a test version for Cm or anykernel. In the end a test version from another compiler can be recognised in easy way just observing the compiling machine which is written. I hope all is clear now. I can't figure out who is making confusion now. Just not me.
  8. Mourta-Kernel-3.4 A new beginning [update 2015-03-12]

    Hey here is the link for the test version of 10-10-2014 I think you can be a tester for stock too I'm the only who test on stock. This is the preview version Mourta have still not released https://www.dropbox.com/s/1dpnikmenu8mbaw/Mourta-3.4.104-latest-10-10.zip?dl=0 To not fill the thread of stock eventual bug reports for know communicate issues in pvt. When the interest in stock version will be greater then we will open a specific thread and then I'll maintain the kernel for stock. Mourta given to me his blessings [emoji3]
  9. Mourta-Kernel-3.4 A new beginning [update 2015-03-12]

    I'm using 3.4 everyday on stock and with last version, despite 51 mhz is not selectable it scales fine on low frequencies. Seems all is working as it should, just the battery drain much more the previous 3.1.10 optimised kernel done. But I don't care so much, arrive at home on the evening so I can plug my charger almost after 7-8 hour with a medium usage. I'm still in testing so I can say all this. I'm using an edited ramdisk from iodak plus some more strings taken from cm and liquid added to be sure all kernel functions are enabled properly, but all was working the same with normal ramdisk too. You can ask to mourta if I can share it.
  10. Mourta-Kernel-3.4 A new beginning [update 2015-03-12]

    I can pair headset bluetooth device successfully but still can't test sending files.
  11. Mourta-Kernel-3.4 A new beginning [update 2015-03-12]

    In the end I wanted just to say a thing : it's important that we all show total and unconditional respect for the way how Mourta is spending his time and his talent not caring if anyone is paying him for this. No one should be critical or skeptical on how he is doing. Troubleshooting is sufficient as a correct way to be constructively "critical".
  12. Mourta-Kernel-3.4 A new beginning [update 2015-03-12]

    If you followed the bitbucket account you'd see lot of progress in so few time. Now this kernel is arrived at 3.4.80. If you followed better the thread you'd see that this kernel started from vanilla version, which means a pure Linux build without any form of optimization. You don't imagine in a minimal way the load of work to make a new vanilla kernel functional on a platform without any help from the productor. Not only look promising, the facts already proves the great skill of Mourta and how fast he is doing this work. Even if this work is free indeed it has a great value... It's incredible as usually people is not able to give a value to a work just because he hasn't a price. Then Mourta has a real life too. If he promised something and he makes late of weeks or months or years is not a real matter for no one us I want to hope.
  13. Mourta-Kernel-3.4 A new beginning [update 2015-03-12]

    Indeed eternity wasn't a real attempt... Just the reworked cpufreq engine was totally new and otg support
  14. Mourta-Kernel-3.4 A new beginning [update 2015-03-12]

    I'm testing, with Giuseppe's team, the kernel on stock rom and i have to contraddict you: it sleeps fine, but using a third party app like ds battery saver. My supposition is that maybe there could be some wakelocking app in background. More tests are in progress so i could have more results to share. This is my proof : I can say i did edits with kernel tweaker on deep sleep mode but i don't know if this correct behaviour depend exactly on it. Surelly the app i use is helping on this. I'll ask to Mourta if i can share my zip file of stock version.
  15. Complimenti per il lavoraccio! Very great and gratis work! After the "fixed" misunderstanding there will be The fixed kernel. Congratulazioni a tutto il team!