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  1. use copycat kernel for mhl support. The only kernel I know mhl 100% working…
  2. Do you prever the 3.2 or the 4.0 version? Yes I know mourta do the best for all two versions...
  3. Mourta already released his great ROM on 29.02.2015. Maybe you missed the important day?
  4. Just a better battery saver (Jabbs) Tired of tools, killing apps in the background or change the system configuration, you never want? - Jabbs is the first battery saving tool which handles the data and airplane control in Lollipop and never change your system configuration! - All features with one click, easy to use. - Jabbs is one of the best battery saving tools in the market, free and without any advertisement. Try it out... - Handle radio, data, Bluetooth, airplane, automatic Wi-Fi toggle, radiation protection. Pro features will come... System requirement: - Android 4.0+ - Sim Card - Latest Android versions may need root (optimal) Download in Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.justchris.jabbs.pro Feedback are welcome. [emoji6]
  5. Not longer supported look out for jabbs in playstore...
  6. Is Fluoxetine and penguin449 really the same because I use a rom from Fluoxetine. If yes I better delete it... Thanks.
  7. I'm not sure, after i delete the secondary boot.img the secondary rom booting.
  8. After some trouble I get all the stuff working, also the secondary backup works great now, thanks Pepe…
  9. Which tool do you use to restore the apps (data) , i will test it if it solve my problem…
  10. Never use ART, so no way to keep it working... [emoji17]
  11. Sorry for the offtopic, Pepe I installed this rom as primary with newstest mourta kernel from 02.09.14 and as secondary newtest beanstalk dev version. I use the option share kernel. All roms boot fine. After i backup some apps with titanium on primary rom the secondary rom never start again. This is not the first time I suffer from this trouble. Do you know the reason? Maybe it helps if you share your boot. img with me… Thanks in advance.

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