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  1. Hey Is there an option to add fast charge?
  2. Am back on KK4.4 ;) Wait will flash it and try to provide some logs. My network: telekom slovenia, using 3g
  3. Tryed it with stock app and messenger from play store. Aint working. Didnt try it with hangouts.
  4. Everything works fine, just mms aint working. Cant send or recive it. Also tryed the messenger from play store. Same thing. Anyone else having this issue? Takling abut LS LP v4.0
  5. So what? Is there also a 3.4 kernel included? Probably not. Cmon can't you people just wait for few more days/weeks? greets.
  6. Something new to hear for LS? Cant wait for new release ;-)
  7. I flashed it and nothing in etc/init.d so i did it manualy. Btw.what permissions should i set? rwxr-xr-x or as it is: rw-rw-rw-?
  8. Huh, 80 views and no one said thanks? Let me be the first! Thanks! I'll try the battery saving option (tweak)
  9. I got over 3 hours with this rom and also posted screens.
  10. I dont know if i would change it for lolipop... I'll attach my screenshots Amazing work @Mourta
  11. Great news. Well i am still sticking to this:
  12. Also signal lost whe your button lights turned on? Try updating to 20c and after flash LS. I still think this is the best rom version 13.9 and its kernel
  13. @Mourta just a question: are you using Dalvik or Art? Didnt try Art yet with this rom/kernel version.
  14. @Krislv if this wont work what money...wrote try to disable the buttons with a script (i have it). Make a file 99disable and paste this in. Set permissions and copy it into /etc/init.d #!/system/bin/sh echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/button-backlight/max_brightness echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/button-backlight/brightness
  15. Works great. Only one thing missing (or its hidden) - wakelock blocker. Where to find this great option?