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  1. how to root blade v

    Can anyone help me to root this phone ?
  2. How to install stock ROM

    Hello guys.. I wanna uninstall a custom rom from my phone and put again the stock ROM. my phone has installed cwm. Can anyone help me ?
  3. how many days does battery works with this ROM ?
  4. [Need] Zte Blade V stock calculator apk

    perfect ,thanks !
  5. could anyone send me Zte Blade V stock calculator apk file? Thanks in advance !
  6. a screenshot from gkalen's version JellyBlade v2
  7. is this from the xiami rednote UI ?
  8. [Recovery] ClockWorkMod for ZTE Blade V

    τελικα το εκανα ...μου ελειπε ο ADB driver
  9. [Recovery] ClockWorkMod for ZTE Blade V

    how I can install the cmw recovery ? I followed the instructions but it doesn't works .
  10. could you update any photos from the version 2 ? φιλε ειναι πιο smooth στο χειρισμο της αυτη η ΡΟΜ σε σχέση με την μανίσια που φοράει ;
  11. [ROM] *A-ROM by AA9* [ROM]

    what languages support ?
  12. [Request] Blade V android 4.4

    Whare can I find a custom rom with android 4.4 ?
  13. [ROM] *A-ROM by AA9* [ROM]

    android version ?