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    Yellow tint on edge of screen

    I know this topic is old, but I am looking for a new battery. Unfortunatly the product of the quoted link is removed. Does anyone know where I can order the original battery, many vendors on Aliexpress claim their's is original, but how do you know for sure? And do you guys think it is worth buring a new1 battery for this phone or should I go buy a newer smartphone?
  2. The newest one I ordered from this AliExpress seller. It looked pretty real to me, but now when I take a closer look, I see there is no silver sticker on it. The previous one was from Ebay. I am not sure if there was a silver sticker on it. If I find the seller I will send a link of it aswell. Found! So you think buying a new Original battery can do the job?
  3. I've got problems with my phone. I have already bought two replacement batteries for this phone, and now the third one has stopped working as it is supposed to work. The battery starts swelling and it drains very quickly (15 min of activity). Because of this has happened often I think the problem is in my phone. Is there a way to fix this problem? I've looked with cpuspy into the behaviour of the cpu, I can see it is at 1.7GHz a lot when using the phone actively. But still, I can't think imagine this is the reason the battery is malfunctioning. Is there an option to repair this or should I look for a new phone?
  4. Someone knows a good rom for td scdma? The chinese forums are not clear to me.
  5. Does anybody know a good working rom for TD-SCDMA? The ones I can find are on chinese sites, and it don't understand chinese, even when translated with google. :lol:
  6. I am on 4.4 stock ROM. And searching for a GAPPS patch. The one under GAPPS on the first page doesn´t work for me, there are only pop-ups.
  7. So I am now on 4.4.027. Is there a way to root it with something different than Kinguser? I assume I can install GAPPS and CWM using MobileUncletool?
  8. So I am doing YGDP right now as Dakok said, currently at the point cell 0 completed. What now? It doesn´t look like it is doing something. Last message from the log: The download screen dump has been saved at: C:\...\YGDP\DownloadScrrenDump\2014-10-128297_SUCCEED_CELL0_16.44.50.rtf Help will be appreciated! Ignore the above, it was just completed.
  9. But the most are Chinese and even when I translate them with google I don't understand much about it. The official ROMs (CoolUI) are released on YDSS right?
  10. @dakok Thanks, how do you find these roms?
  11. Are you sure this is the right file? I am downloading it now, and it is a .crdownload file. Doesn't it have to be a zip?
  12. So guys, I found out the problem of the MD5 mismatch. There was no nandroid.md5 created because of a leak of free space on the sd-card. I found it out because it gave me this error when trying to fix the problem. No such file or directory I posted this so maybe this will be helpfull for someone else. I will try, do you have a link of it?
  13. Thanks, tomorrow I will try to fix it.
  14. Okay, so I tried restoring the backup I made of the official rom. And got a MD5 mismatch! I don't even see a nandroid.md5 file. I literary got no idea what I have to do right now. I'm getting desperate.
  15. So do you think I should restore the stock rom? Or do you have any other suggestions?