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  1.   Someone knows a good rom for td scdma? The chinese forums are not clear to me.
  2. Does anybody know a good working rom for TD-SCDMA? The ones I can find are on chinese sites, and it don't understand chinese, even when translated with google. :lol:
  3. I am on 4.4 stock ROM. And searching for a GAPPS patch. The one under GAPPS on the first page doesn´t work for me, there are only pop-ups.
  4. So I am now on 4.4.027. Is there a way to root it with something different than Kinguser?   I assume I can install GAPPS and CWM using MobileUncletool?
  5. So I am doing YGDP right now as Dakok said, currently at the point cell 0 completed. What now? It doesn´t look like it is doing something. Last message from the log: The download screen dump has been saved at: C:\...\YGDP\DownloadScrrenDump\2014-10-128297_SUCCEED_CELL0_16.44.50.rtf Help will be appreciated!   Ignore the above, it was just completed.
  6. But the most are Chinese and even when I translate them with google I don't understand much about it. The official ROMs (CoolUI) are released on YDSS right?
  7. @dakok Thanks, how do you find these roms?
  8. Are you sure this is the right file? I am downloading it now, and it is a .crdownload file. Doesn't it have to be a zip?
  9. So guys, I found out the problem of the MD5 mismatch. There was no nandroid.md5 created because of a leak of free space on the sd-card. I found it out because it gave me this error when trying to fix the problem.  No such file or directory I posted this so maybe this will be helpfull for someone else.     I will try, do you have a link of it?
  10. Thanks, tomorrow I will try to fix it. 
  11. Okay, so I tried restoring the backup I made of the official rom. And got a MD5 mismatch! I don't even see a nandroid.md5 file.   I literary got no idea what I have to do right now. I'm getting desperate.
  12. So do you think I should restore the stock rom? Or do you have any other suggestions?
  13. @slime00   Was your IMEI unknown too?
  14. I thought it wouldn't be a problem as long I didn't use data connection (which will never work). Checked the settings of the phone, it says my IMEI is unknown.    Edit: Is it save to restore the stock rom? Or could I screw up things even more?
  15.   I forgot to mention, my phone is a TD-SCMA. So maybe that caused the problem. I dont know. I really don't want to lose the functionality of the SIM.

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