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  1. Euh yeah i did that? never mind.. im getting rid of this peace of crap.. have fun with your owns y300 guys!
  2. indeed but can't install the newer one.. its says: E: signature verification failed 1 Can't install anything.. ive had enough of this shitty phone..
  3. Hello folks, Do i need cwm to install this rom? i have now twrp installed but when i try to install this rom i get an error that my phone is not compatible? Thanks!
  4. Yeah i understand that, but my pc dont detect my phone anymore, i cleaned the drivers several times etc Nothing work..!
  5. yep i can access stock recovery but thats all..
  6. Cant install TWRP -->> remote (command not allowed) with the android recovery also no luck that failed to to install TWRP
  7. the Y300-0100 i'm on a other forum aswell and downloaded the rom for my phone i flashed the rom with a custom recovery (TWRP) i did the standard operations before flashing i dont believe my phone is broken.. but i dont know what to do,,
  8. Hey Guys.. I think as you can read that my phone stays in fastboot.. also when i remove the battery for 10s only thing i see is the huawei logo And i don't know how to solve this, hope one of you can help me out with this.. i can reach download mode and the android recovery mode but don't know what to do So i hope to hear you soon! Grtz Marco