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    Huawei Ascend G330
  1. Hey guys, I am looking for a possibility to swap the audio output for media on this rom because the speaker at the back is broken. Thanks :)
  2. Ram Problems

    Can you describe the problem a bit better and then we could help you
  3. [JB][4.2.2]SlimBean [27/05/2015]

    Hmm maybe an other G330 User has the same issue (sometimes Tapatalk posts in the Name of my Tapatalk ID so tritriow is me) Edit: The Battery Usage through Media is quite high...
  4. [JB][4.2.2]SlimBean [27/05/2015]

    I tried the FM Radio and indeed it doesn't work but the Play Services suck the battery empty (20% usage by them)
  5. [JB][4.2.2]SlimBean [27/05/2015]

    Time to save some data then I'm gonna flash the rom :-)
  6. [JB][4.2.2]SlimBean [27/05/2015]

    I'll flash it tomorrow because I'm going to write a spanish class test and I have to study/learn ^^
  7. [JB][4.2.2]SlimBean [27/05/2015]

    I have a day off tomorrow so I can probably flash it and report bugs (my Speaker is broken so I can't report about sound bugs)
  8. Sometimes my internal storage gets dismounted either
  9. [JB][4.2.2]SlimBean [27/05/2015]

    Srfarias are you working on the Port for u8825 (only if you have time for it because I'll be in Rome soon and I wanted to know when it'll be out ^^
  10. [JB][4.2.2]SlimBean [27/05/2015]

    Nice to know I'll test the Rom probably (I heard that the Rom is really good and I'll be in Rome soon, so a second device with me won't be Bad :-) ) Good luck with your exams
  11. [JB][4.2.2]SlimBean [27/05/2015]

    Dear srfarias could you port the Rom for u8825/G330 because the device is quite similar (except for audio drivers and an other thing I don't remember at the moment) I would be quite happy :D
  12. Fonz can you make a Version for G330/u8825?
  13. Well you can change a bit of the UI but you can't install CM Themes but you have the real dark slim ;)
  14. Goodbye Friends

    Happy Birthday ^^
  15. Goodbye Friends

    Well I'm happy with my Moto G 2014 :-D