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  1. UliZ added a post in a topic [ROM][4.4.4][ALL] SlimKat 9.0 UNOFFICIAL [25/08/2015]   

    Thanks for the hint, accidentally had downloaded U8825 ROM first. (For whatever reason...). U8951 ROM works fine now.
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  2. UliZ added a post in a topic [ROM][4.4.4][ALL] SlimKat 9.0 UNOFFICIAL [25/08/2015]   

    So I am the only one so far with telephony not working on Display CAF ROM?
    Looking at the baseband version settings it says 1040 on Display CAF ROM (not working), but 2030 on Display Legacy ROM (working). Could this be the the reason for my problems?
    If the baseband has to be changed, how could I do that?
    (Sorry for my unprofessional questions...)
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  3. UliZ added a post in a topic [ROM][4.4.4][ALL] SlimKat 9.0 UNOFFICIAL [25/08/2015]   

    Just installed new 250815 Display CAF ROM, but  telephony did not work: when starting up the phone it did not ask for SIM PIN and did not connect to GSM network. Wiping all and clean re-installing the ROM did not help. 
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  4. UliZ added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.6 [22/08/15]   

    I had tried that too, even checked that cpu freq and mp changes were still set after restart etc., but still had blackscreens. I also had much higher power consumption that I have with slimkat.
    So I am looking forward now to the new slimkat 9 release chil has announced.
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  5. UliZ added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.6 [22/08/15]   

    This fits with my estimation.
    I do not know too much about the hardware architecture of a G510, but if it is similar to a PC, I would say that touching the hardware buttons causing vibration and the lights going on/off shows that the CPU is still working (at whatever speed…), and the black screen problem actually comes from the adaptive brightness control or some GPU related part of the device.
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  6. UliZ added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.6 [22/08/15]   

    With beta 0.4 and earlier versions I had to experience that  for whatever reason the more calls I had, the longer it took until the screen was activated.
    The delay varied between "almost zero" and "endless" (= pull battery).
    It seems like not all devices are affected by these black screen errors, and obviously nobody knows what makes the difference so far.
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  7. UliZ added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.6 [22/08/15]   

    So yesterday I had installed SlimLP, installed Kernel Adiutor, switched Governor to smartmax (and checked it from time to be sure it still was set...), and after about 30 hours of good hope I had a black screen after an incoming call. :-(
    About 1 hour before that I had noticed that with every incoming call it took more and more time until the display switched on.
    Now what?
    (Thanks  to TWRP I have  a perfect  "Disaster Recovery"  to  switch back to  SlimKAT ... ) 
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  8. UliZ added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.6 [22/08/15]   

    Obviously some devices do not habe black screens at all, even with default settings. Did you have black sceens on your device before using smartmax, so we can be sure it brought some improvement on your SlimLP?
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  9. UliZ added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.6 [22/08/15]   

    On my phone installing the patch zip did not change the settings als well, I also had  to use Kernel Adiutor to change them, but still had black screens.
    On http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/374572-rom511-cyanogenmod-121-y300g510-04062015/?page=35
    hgoldy300 said:
    "For me Smartmax did the trick, no black screens for more than 3 weeks."
    So if Smartmax governor helped him with CM 12.1, I think I will try if it can help me with SlimLP as well...
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  10. UliZ added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1] Cyanogenmod 12.1 [Y300/G510] [04/06/2015]   

    Did you have black screens before using Smartmax? And still no black screens with Smartmax?
    If  your anwer is yes to both, I think i will try Smartmax with SlimLP.
    I think the reason for black screen Problems will be about the same in both ROMs
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  11. UliZ added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.6 [22/08/15]   

    I had this idea about apps too:
    On my first try I had used SlimLP Beta 0.2 and Slim gapps, and on my second try with beta 0.3  I had installed tk gapps modular pico, both installations showed black screens.
    Maybe people who do not have black screens are undeliberately using some kind of apps which might stay active in backround and prevent their devices from falling into (...and not waking up from...) deep sleep?
    Maybe there are older/newer CPU/Hardware releases which react differently on wakeup calls?
    Maybe whatever unknown cause...?
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  12. UliZ added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.6 [22/08/15]   

    As far as I can see from the profiles, the people who do not have blackscreen  have Y300 phones.
    Are there any G510 owners on this forum who do not have blacscreens?
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  13. UliZ added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.6 [22/08/15]   

    Installed beta 0.3 yesterday at 17:00 (clean flashing), set CPU min. 480MHz and disabled MPDecision:
    Another black screen after deep sleep today at 17:00, excactly 24 hours after installation. So the problem obviously isn´t soved with beta 0.3.  I had to restore my slimkat 4.4 again...
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  14. UliZ added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.6 [22/08/15]   

    Installed beta 0.2 on July 23, really liked this ROM, but  I had several black screens.
    Then I installed "blackscreen fix" zip and later manually set CPU to min. 480 MHZ and MPD off.
    Then about 5-10% of incoming calls showed blackscreen/pull battery errors, and there also was about 1 unforced blackscreen/pul battery error per day. (No incoming call, device just does not wake up from sleep)
    As I need a faultless phone, I had to step back to  my slimkat 4.4 backup today.
    Just waiting now for a new release, then give it another try... 
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