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  1. and which version should i ue of chil360ś kernel ?
  2. how can i install this kernel and need i to reinstall my actual cm11 ?
  3. maybe the producer of the headphones has a app. My phillips headphones needed a app to configure if not try maybe a cyanogenmod rom for exampl 4.4.4 or 5.0
  4. [KERNEL] [Y300/G510] Stock Huawei

    how can i install a kernel wand need i to install my cm11 new ?
  5. is dazzozo still working on huawei g510 ? because his last change on github is three month ago and the g510 has still much bugs and nfc tag isnt fixed
  6. NFC works with other handys but it doesnt dedect any nfc tags (i have tried some tags special for Huawei ascend g510)
  7. why does all talking about slimkat at the Cyanogenmod 11 for Y300 & G510 Topic ??????
  8. hey i have found a bug when i start Luckypatcher my handy reboots after some minutes after i closed it
  9. how can i see that i have the actual cm11 kernel ? thats what i see: 3.4.0-g546857a [email protected] #1
  10. the from 20.8.2014 i think because with this build my akku doenst get so fast out of ammo ;D
  11. no there is a another way format /system and it works i had the same problem and that fixed it ;D
  12. the new nightly is extrem buggy my handy has now more restarts than before the kernel changes

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