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  1. Sir I guess I found a way to fix my device. The problem here is I don't know what Update app to be used. My version is Y300-0100 International. and the problem I'm getting failed is beacause I wasn't able to delete other folder than dload.
  2. So you're saying sir that I can't unlock the bootloader of my unrooted device and also I won't be able to put or install the TWRP rom?
  3. Thanks sir but some people on the other side told me that I won't be able to unlock its bootloader because I wasn't able to check the USB debugging mode. Im so hopeless, Is there any other way? I can't unlock its bootloader because I didn't check the USB debugging mode.
  4. Next question sir. Can I flash TWRP and unlock my bootloader to my unrooted huawei device? Some info on other sites state that I need to root my device to be able to Flash a TWIRP. Can I flash a TWTP withoiut unlocking the bootloader?
  5. Sir is it possible to unlock the bootloader in my device even though the USB debugging mode in the Dev option is unchecked?
  6. I hope so. the problem with my device if my PC will be able to detect it I wasn't able to check the USB debugging mode in the dev option and can The DC unlocker umlock the bootloader even though I wasnt able to check the USB debugging mode?
  7. My only chance is my microSD card where I put the dload and update.app to fix my phone. Sir can I install a rom of TWRP using these steps from a microSD card?
  8. Yeah, I can find that easily but I'm having trouble how to install all those things now that my phone is in bootloop mode. I cannot and I don't have a fastboot in my recovery mode. The worst thing is that the Hsuit or Driver it can't detect my device. Is there any other way sir how to put that stuff like TWRIP and any other stuff just to Fix my phone. Please!
  9. The problem is I forgot it totally. I purchased my device last August 2013 and its the International version Y300-0100. help me sir. Do you know any sites where I can download other firmware sir?
  10. Sir I also have this kind of problem but not too deep like this. This thing happened when I tried to root my device using a third party app callled ROOT MASTER. I didn't know if I installed it successfully because of the chinese language. The next I did is I was able to install SuperSu and Chainfire 3D. The problem occured when Chainfire 3D prompt that may device should be rebooted. then when it was rebooted, I stuck up on a Bootloop mode or I cannot move any further and hung up on a Huawei logo. I don't know if I rooted my device successfully. I don't know what to do. Please help me sir. Please!
  11. What specific firmware shoul I used? I tried Update.app using the latest version but I failed. my device is an international version please help me sir. Now I'm downloading the 189 and I'll try it again and see if its working. any suggestion sir or tips when using Update.app? Pls help.
  12. Hey guys, I'm using this device for a year now and happy about its performance. The problem occured yesterday when I attempt to root my device. I started on Installing root master and didn't even know if it was successful because the root master is in chinese language. Next thing I did is to install SuperSU it was also successful. The problem occured when I install Chainfire pro. After the installation I opened it and the CF3D ask some prompt like installing CF3D in the device and I pressed OK and the will reboot afterwards. Then when it was rebooted my device stucked at Bootloop mode or Huawei Ascend logo and cannot move further. I didn't know what to do. Please help me guys and sorry with my English. #Help
  13. My problem is My device stuck up to bootloop. I encountered this problem when I rooted it using RootMaster and install a SuperSU. I install another app named chainfire pro. The app ask me to reboot then I press OK after that my phone stucked up to Huawei LoGo. pls help me.
  14. I guess we have the same problem. Mine encountered the same thing and the Hsuite wasn't able to detect it. So I'm trying to fix it using the dload update.app but still nothinh happened. what did you do to fix your device?
  15. I encountered the same problem. I also hung up at logo and can open Recovery. Bad thing I cannot connect my device to PC using Hsuite. Then I laso tried updating it using also the dload folder with the latest Firmware inside but it was also unsuccessful. Pls help me with my device.