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  1. AccuWeather v4.8.1-free Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Overview: Stay connected to the latest weather conditions with AccuWeather. Now supporting Android Wear, this free app features the new AccuWeather MinuteCast, the leading minute-by-minute precipitation forecast, hyper-localized to your exact street address. AccuWeather offers the weather with same Superior Accuracy and great experience across all Android smartphones and tablets, and Android Wear. Weatherproof your day for free with these features: • AccuWeather MinuteCast – minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts for the next two hours hyper-localized to your exact street address or GPS location. Includes precipitation type and intensity, and start and end times for precipitation. Available for the contiguous United States, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Andorra, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein and a growing list of global locations. • For worldwide locations, when AccuWeather forecasts snow, ice, rain, wind, or the probability of thunderstorms, you’ll see an orange card with an exclamation point displayed within the location’s current conditions with a brief summary of the alert(s) in effect. • Push notifications for severe weather alerts in the United States. • Radar for all of North America and Europe, and worldwide satellite overlaying interactive Google Maps with a snapshot view of the maps for your saved locations. • Current news and weather videos, with many available in both English and Spanish. You also get the accurate, local weather forecasts and customization you expect from AccuWeather: • Accurate and local forecasts for every latitude/longitude on Earth. Forecasts update every 15 minutes with information for the next 15 days – all in 33 languages and dialects. • Current weather conditions update every 15 minutes with the very latest temperature, humidity and precipitation percentages, dew point, visibility, UV index, wind speed gusts and direction, times for sunrise and sunset, and RealFeel – AccuWeather’s exclusive weather forecasting system that analyzes multiple weather factors to determine how the local temperature actually feels. • Local weather forecast summaries that provide an overview of the next five days’ weather forecast along with a description of the most dramatic weather event expected during the five days. • Status bar on the homescreen displaying the current temperature for your current or home location. • Ability to store an unlimited amount of locations. • Choice between metric or imperial units, 12-hour or 24-hour time display, and portrait or landscape view. • Now get more from the weather radar with added future radar in the latest version. • Analyzing weather trends is now easier with graphs on daily and hourly screens. Download Instructions: AccuWeather v4.8.1-fre apk Download
  2. Counter Attack 3D – Multiplayer Shooter V1.1.82 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Overview: The game and it's Multiplayer feature is still in Alpha stage of development, we will update it very often to bring you new content, bug fixes, performance and gameplay improvements. If you find a bug please contact us via our social networks or use the support email. Step into the strike action with one of the best AAA Multiplayer FPS games ever made Counter Attack 3D. Encounter the enemies with different weapons like Desert Eagle, AK-47, AUG, Shotguns, Snipers and more destructive weapons. Experience the thrill of modern terrorist warfare as you fight a critical strike operation as a Counter-Terrorist or aim to cause destruction as a terrorist. Features: - Cross Platform Multiplayer now in Open Alpha - Stunning 3D Console like graphics - Skill based gameplay. All the weapons have different recoils, spray and reloading time. - 3 different maps - Customize your game match - Different type of weapons and guns. Including Ak47, M4A1, Desert Eagle, Magnum sniper, Mac10 and many more! - 168 different skins for your weapons, grenades, arms and knives. - Adjustable game controls. - Crafting system for the skins. - Daily missions. - Player leveling system with rewards! - Blackmarket in which you can directly buy skins on a daily basis. - Save your data to our Facebook cloud server. - Up to 10 players in one game. More Info: Download Instructions: Counter Attack 3D – Multiplayer Shooter V1.1.82 apk DOWNLOAD
  3. HealthifyMe Weight Loss Coachv5.0.1 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Overview: Get Fit, Eat Better and Lose Weight with HealthifyMe, India’s premium Calorie Counter and Weight Loss Coach. Awarded among the Best Apps on Google Play for 2 years in a row, HealthifyMe gives you access to India’s Largest Calorie Counter with a large database of over 100,000 Indian foods to help you track your meals along with your nutrition intake on a daily basis. The app also equips you with your very own fitness, nutrition and yoga coaches who will give you a personalized workout and diet plan to suit your fitness needs. Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain or to stay fit, HealthifyMe is your complete fitness app. 60% of HealthifyMe's premium users are experiencing visible changes, and lose up to 2 kg in the first month, courtesy continuous monitoring coupled with personal coaching from India's top nutritionists and fitness trainers. HOW HEALTHIFYME WORKS ★ Set Your Goal – Weight loss, Weight gain, to get fitter or to just eat better, achieve your health goal with tailor made exercise and diet plans provided to you. ★ Calorie Counter – Tracking what you ate just got better with India’s Largest Calorie Counter. Stay on the healthy track with contextual feedback. ★ Personalized Coaching* – Get access to a customized exercise and diet plan, created by a team of fitness, nutrition and yoga coaches, that caters to your fitness need. The In-App Chat allows constant contact with your coaches for a one-on-one virtual counsel. ★ Connect Devices and Apps – Integrate your GoogleFit, Mi Band (via Google Fit) and FitBit and keep track of your progress while your activity and sleep data gets synced automatically. WHY HEALTHIFYME WORKS ☆ It’s Personalized HealthifyMe offers you to choose from categories like Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Build Muscle and Eat Right so that a custom made diet and workout plan can be designed to help you achieve your fitness goal. ☆ It’s Easy Watching your weight is as simple as feeding in your diet and exercise information while the app calculates the rest and gives a regular status check. ☆ It’s Indian With the largest Indian calorie counter at your fingertips, you can choose from over 100,000 dishes from across India. ☆ It’s Driven by Coaches* HealthifyMe offers a plan that will make sure you achieve your fitness goal. Get access to real-time consultations with premium nutritionists and fitness coaches via the app, voice calls and video calls. ☆ It’s Measurable In addition to the digitized diaries, where you feed your information, phone GPS sensors are used to track your moves by syncing with Google Fit, Mi Band (via Google Fit) and Fitbit. ☆ It’s Affordable Apart from the app tracking features being completely free, HealthifyMe’s premium services offer a high level of maintenance at a low cost. ☆ It’s Competitive HealthifyMe has gamified weight loss. Compete with peers and stay motivated as you earn more points and climb the leaderboard. PERMISSION REQUIRED - LOCATION: To Live Track your running, walking and cycling - Read SMS: TO make payments via our payment gateway using OTP - Read/Write Storage: Allow for sharing images and files in chat Download Instructions: HealthifyMe Weight Loss Coachv5.0.1 apk Download
  4. WWE Tap Mania v 0.4 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Overview: Unleash your ultimate team of Superstars in WWE’s new, fast-paced game, WWE Tap Mania! In WWE Tap Mania, the action never stops. Become a WWE Superstar and battle alongside WWE’s greatest Superstars and Legends. Collect Superstar cards, build your deck, and rise up to become the WWE Champion. Get in the ring and never tap out! FEATURES - NON-STOP ACTION as you battle the best, build your team, and take on the world - CREATE the ultimate team from WWE’s greatest roster of all time - EASY TO PLAY -- tap to attack and unleash devastating signature moves - LEVEL UP to increase your power and unlock each character’s unique skills - EARN WHILE AWAY -- your team never stops fighting so you’re always earning, even when the game is closed - TONS OF MATCHES -- battle in the Main Event against WWE’s greatest Superstars - COLLECT WWE Superstars and Legends for free as you play - FEATURING John Cena, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Triple H, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Charlotte, The Miz, Randy Orton, Sasha Banks, Dean Ambrose, Eddie Guerrero, Ultimate Warrior, and many more! - STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY -- tap into the rich history of the WWE to make an unstoppable team with the unique type and affinity systems - CUSTOMIZE your character and create your own signature move and playstyle - COMPETE WITH FRIENDS to prove who’s the best - NEW LIVE WWE EVENTS -- rule the leaderboards in daily live events based on WWE’s signature live television and PPV events: RAW, Smackdown Live, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, WrestleMania and more More Info: Download Instructions: WWE Tap Mania v 0.4 apk DOWNLOAD
  5. Night GO Launcher Theme v1.0 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Specially designed for GO Launcher EX, provides delicate app icons, wallpapers, folder and app drawer interface. Get it right now and have a completely new makeover of your Android smartphone. How to Apply the Theme: - Directly open the theme after successful installation. - Or back to Menu>Theme, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone. More Info: Download Instructions: Night GO Launcher Theme v1.0 APK Download
  6. FRep – Finger Replayer v3.99 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Overview: FRep is Finger Record/Replay App. Once you record the routine operation, you can replay it by single trigger. Your own automatic operation button will be easily created. - Record and Replay/Repeat/Edit operations of touchscreen and/or keystroke - Easy record/play on current app, by pushing the button of floating console - Console shows/hides depending on playable records for current app Usage Example - Recording analog Push/Swipe/Flick operations for automatic process/scroll/gesture - Playing continuous virtual space key push with interval for browsing - Preload delayed or continuous pushing in prospect of processing delay, such as CPU load or network communication - Avoid blind area or blurring by the finger operation - Combination with automation App through FRep replay shortcut/Tasker plugin - Demonstrate your App in actual device === Initial Setup === FRep needs the initial setup below. If your Android is ROOTED, you can skip this section by permitting su. To setup FRep initially or when Android rebooted, you need USB connection to Win/Mac/Linux/Android. Please retrieve and run the setup tool from following URL. Download Instructions: FRep – Finger Replayer v3.99 apk Download
  7. SUP Multiplayer Racingv 1.3.0 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Overview: GEAR UP and make your engines roar for the craziest FREE MULTIPLAYER RACING EXPERIENCE! Leave your rivals in the dust: drift, jump, blast off with boosters, and reach the finish line in one piece! MULTIPLAYER, REAL-TIME RACING: CRUSH YOUR RIVALS o Compete with up to 3 opponents from around the world on stunning tracks o Smash others off the track and push your car to the limit! Boost, jump, and drift your way to victory! o Have fun with emojis: give your rivals a wink as you fly by o Bet on your victory to earn gems! CUSTOMIZE AND UPGRADE YOUR CAR COLLECTION o Personalize your cars with a wide range of skins o Complete your collection of Muscle Cars, Monster Trucks, Rally Cars, Hot Rods, and more! o Evolve your cars to unlock more upgrades (Brakes, Turbo, Tires…) CREATE YOUR OWN RACE TRACKS o Build your own custom tracks using the level editor o Share them with the world and get upvotes to win gems RISE TO THE TOP AND SHARE YOUR SUCCESS o Invite your friends to compare your scores o Share replays of your most insane races with the whole world! o Earn achievements and climb to the top of the leaderboard o Compete in special challenges and stunts to earn extra gems for upgrades o New events added daily! More Info: Download Instructions: SUP Multiplayer Racingv 1.3.0 apk DOWNLOAD
  8. Tubi TV - Free TV & Movies v2.10.0 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Overview: Tubi TV offers FREE popular movies and TV series streaming to you –– without ever having to pay a fee! Our goal is to "free" as many TV shows and movies as we can so you don't have to pay for entertainment! We have many free categories to choose from, including a Not On Netflix category featuring the free movies that you can't find on Netflix or other popular subscription video apps. We add new free movies and TV shows every week so there is always something new to watch. Tubi TV has the largest library of free and legal TV shows and movies to choose from, whenever and wherever you want! The beautiful app is easy to navigate and streams in full HD. One of our most popular features allow you to create a personal queue of what to watch and synchronize your viewing between your Android device and connected TVs or the web. Tubi TV supports Chromecast so you can cast onto supported devices in full high definition video. Watch some of Hollywood's biggest movies - and look for amazing hidden gems - with leading actors and actresses, including Oscar winners and movies featuring Ryan Reynolds, Curtis 50 Cent Jackson, Charlize Theron, Russell Crowe, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Kevin Spacey, among many other elite Hollywood royalty. We have many categories to choose from where you can watch free episodes of TV shows (feel free to binge all you want) and top popular movies for the ultimate, unlimited free entertainment experience. We recently added new anime series that are currently on the air in Japan (and available from other popular anime apps) and will be available on Tubi TV the next day or a few weeks after their original airing, all for free. Please check out some of the other best of categories: *Action *Comedy *Drama *New Anime series *Horror Check back weekly (new content added every Friday) to see new free TV shows and movies. Let us know what you want to see added to Tubi TV and we will work hard to "free" that TV series or popular movie. We believe that sometimes the best things in life ARE free, and we love to say what you want is Now Playing and there is No Paying. Please enjoy and let us know what you think! Download Instructions: Tubi TV - Free TV & Movies v2.10.0 apk Download
  9. Metal Soldiers 2 v1.0.3 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Overview: Lock ‘n Load! Get your weapons ready for the ultimate action game. Metal Soldiers 2 combines the adrenaline of platform-style games with the action of 2d shooters. Use the pad to move around and tap to jump and shoot. Use different guns and grenades too! Get yourself into a Battle Tank, a Power Mech or even a Helicopter to battle the rebel forces throughout 15 challenging missions. Be careful though, the rebels got some serious new equipment. Engage into amazing tank battles or in ground-to-air tank-helicopter combats. There is a lot of shooting to be done with the new vehicles and enemies. Features: - New mission mode. - Use MS2 vehicles. - Battle against enemy tanks and choppers. - Different characters to choose. - Lots of enemies to fight. - Classic weapon designs. - Amazing gameplay. More Info: Download Instructions: Metal Soldiers 2 v1.0.3 apk DOWNLOAD
  10. Skater boy GO Launcher Themev1.0 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Specially designed for GO Launcher EX, provides delicate app icons, wallpapers, folder and app drawer interface. Get it right now and have a completely new makeover of your Android smartphone. How to Apply the Theme: - Directly open the theme after successful installation. - Or back to Menu>Theme, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone. More Info: Download Instructions: Skater boy GO Launcher Themev1.0 APK Download
  11. Photo Cartoon Camera- PaintLab v2.4.4 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Overview: Super popular Spring Paris Pink filters are coming!Try it in Photo Cartoon Camera- PaintLab right now. So pink and romantic, you won't wanna miss it. Great all-in-one Cartoon Camera & Filter Camera & Photo editor pro app Photo Cartoon & Selfie Camera (PaintLab) allows you create pop art photo, art pics, cartoon pics, pencil sketch photo, photo of painting style, photo of cartoon movie style, perfect selfie picture and own the perfect beauty camera & selfie camera & Photo editor pro app for Andriod at the same time! So many filters we prepared for you: modern art filters, art painting filters, animated film filters, cartoon filters, pop art filters, Christmas Art Filter, various beauty selfie filters, etc. Every filter is unique and amazing. Turn your photos into great pics of art. Key Features: Unique cartoon Art Filter Glamour Pop Art Photo Filters & Cartoon Filters & Gorgeous selfie beauty Filters & Art Effects Spring Paris Pink filters, Tokyo, Hongkong film filters Awesome HD Camera, perfect Selfie Camera with Photo Collage Maker & Layouts& Grid Art Filters Photo editor: cartoon Filters, art painting effects, modern art filters, pencil sketch effects Beauty Filters Photo editor: various stylish & perfect selfie filters& Remix blending filters Powerful selfie camera: Double Exposure & Glamour Glow layer & Quick Snap& blending filters Super Easy-to-use photo editor with Photo Frame Blur& Layouts Blur& Vignette Blur Perfect Look & Simply & Clean UI design #A New Way# to play with your pictures and to record the meaningful moment and perfect look of you. Let’s turn your photo gallery into an perfect art pics exhibition. 1. Numerous amazing cartoon & gorgeous selfie beauty filters and art & sketch effects are prepared for you in PaintLab. Easily turn your photos into perfect look art pics. - Powerful photo editor pro, selfie beauty camera make your selfie a perfect look. - Pop Art Photo Filters & cartoon filters& Christmas Art Filters turn photos into works of art pics, cartoon photos. - Turn your photo gallery into an art painting & art pics exhibition. 2. Perfect beauty filters selfie camera with HD foto, live Photo Collage Maker & Layouts& Grid * Powerful face recognition& Fast capture snap your perfect look * Numerous gorgeous selfie beauty Filters * Live photo collage maker& layouts& grid selfie camera * Powerful photo retouch tools: Photo Frame Blur& layouts blur& Vignette Blur 3. Superior photo studio with Simply UI design. Easy to use. One tap snap& transform. #1: Snap a picture or choose a photo from your photo gallery. #2: Select the art filters, cartoon filters, pencil sketch effects, or the selfie beauty filters you like. #3: Photo editor & photo retouch: add Photo Frame Blur & Vignette Blur Photos into works of art pics & cartoon pictures & pencil sketches. Save it to your photo gallery and share it to Instagram. 4. Share your art pictures to impress your friends. - Share the unique and awesome art photo, cartoon pictures, pencil sketch effect photo or the perfect selfie retouched with live photo collage maker and photo frame blur & vignette blur to the social media platforms such as Instagram,Facebook. - Impress your Instagram followers. Download Instructions: Photo Cartoon Camera- PaintLab v2.4.4 apk Download
  12. KOF'98 UM OL v1.0.8 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Overview: THE CULT FIGHTING GAME IS BACK! Experience the adrenaline rush of classic KOF fights combined with the exciting & addictive gameplay of collectible card games! Choose from an expansive roster of classic characters straight out of the best SNK games, assemble the ultimate tag team and chain-up your fighters’ special move in battle to unleash devastating combos onto your challengers. ==Key Features == >>DECK BUILDING<< Unlock, recruit and collect fighters from a roster of 70+, including fan-favorite Terry Bogart, Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Mai Shiranui and many more. Select up to 6 fighters in your dream team, set them in formation, then get ready for a hell of a fight! 1, QTE COMBOS Kusanagi Serpent, Maiden Masher, and Haoh Shoko Ken…unleash your fighters’ incredibly powerful attacks at a tap of your finger. But with KOF98’s unique QTE system, it takes the right timing and skills to chain up the perfect combo and KO your challengers! 2, RPG PROGRESSION Train your fighters, upgrade their equipment and level them up to their maximum potential to unlock their most powerful passive and active abilities, and their deadliest attacks. 3, CAMPAIGN & PVP Fight your way through the 70+-level campaign that follows the classic storyline of the games, and a multitude of PVE challenge modes. Then take on players from all over the world in a variety PVP modes and tournaments, to eventually claim the real “King of Fighters” title! 4, AUTHENTIC KOF EXPERIENCE All the classic fighters, battle arenas, iconic special moves, sound effects and even the Japanese voices from the original game. A must-play for the fans! More Info: Download Instructions: KOF'98 UM OL v1.0.8 apk DOWNLOAD
  13. Moviefone - Movies & Showtimes v3.2.2 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Overview: Moviefone is the ultimate app for movie times, theater listings, TV show info, trailers, reviews, movie & TV news, and more. Our intuitive, streamlined design helps you find movies in theaters and movies and TV shows online. Quickly find the theater where your movie is playing, browse showtimes, find where movies and TV shows are streaming or binge-watch trailers. The choice is yours. MORE AWESOME FEATURES: • Filter movie results by time. • Discover movies and TV shows on your favorite streaming services. • Browse the freshest entertainment news. • Find out which movies and TV shows are new on Netflix or DVD. • Find movies playing near you with one super-simple tap. • Look up top box office hits, new releases, and movies coming soon. • Watch trailers for new and upcoming releases. • Get movie times, tickets, and theater details. • Save your favorite theaters for quick and easy access to movie times. • Share movie info and showtimes via Facebook, text, or email. Download Instructions: Moviefone - Movies & Showtimes v3.2.2 apk Download
  14. [APK+OBB] Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 v1.0.1 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Overview: THE PES 2017 MOBILE EXPERIENCE Take total control of every action on the field in a way that only the PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER franchise can deliver! Natural player movements, precision passing, and in-depth tactics bring the true experience of the beautiful game to your mobile device! SWIPE TO PASS! TAP TO SHOOT! Controller actions have been optimized to make playing on your mobile device feel as smooth and exciting as a PES action game should! Utilize PES "Advanced" controls for precise passing and controlled shooting. "Classic" virtual pad controls are also available. Master your technique and feel the excitement of scoring the winning goal in the ultimate action soccer game! OFFICIAL CLUB PARTNERSHIPS Scout and recruit thousands of soccer stars from the best teams in Europe, South America, and Asia. Prepare to feel what it takes to play with or against stars like Lionel Messi, Neymar, Luis Suarez, Andres Iniesta, and Gerard Pique. THE OFFICIAL "UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE"! Experience official visuals from the "UEFA Champions League" as you compete against the top teams in Europe. BUILD YOUR WINNING ELEVEN TEAM Acquire players through Scouts, Agents, or the Scout Auction. Choose the best players to fit your unique tactics (e.g. Giroud has excellent physicality and Ozil excellent balance) Every player is unique and every match is a new experience! PLAY VS IN REALTIME PVP! Challenge Friends in "Local Match" or discover new rivals in "Online Match" mode. PES 2017 mobile now lets you play PES on-the-go, anytime and anywhere. More Info: Download Instructions: [APK+OBB] Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 v1.0.1 apk DOWNLOAD
  15. Dolphin - Best Web Browser v11.5.19 Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher Overview: Dolphin Browser is the best internet explorer browser for Android with fast loading speed, HTML5 video player, AdBlocker, tab bar, sidebars, incognito browsing and flash player. Once users experience the fast, smart and personal Web of Dolphin, regular Mobile Internet feels like torture. Great Features ✔ Flash Player ✔ AdBlock (pop up blocker) ✔ Multiple Tabs bar ✔ Bookmarks & Add-ons sidebar ✔ Personalized Search ✔ Fast Download ✔ Incognito/private Browsing ✔ Gestures ✔ Sonar Download Instructions: Dolphin - Best Web Browser v11.5.19 apk Download

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