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  1. I just rooted my wife's Y300-100 and installed slimkat. Now I want to to put Cyanogenmod on my phone. Is there a single page guide for this like there is for the Y300? Thanks for any tips, help or links. Here is a poem by James Dickey as a thank you for having read my dull post. Here they are. The soft eyes open. If they have lived in a wood It is a wood. If they have lived on plains It is grass rolling Under their feet forever. Having no souls, they have come, Anyway, beyond their knowing. Their instincts wholly bloom And they rise. The soft eyes open. To match them, the landscape flowers, Outdoing, desperately Outdoing what is required: The richest wood, The deepest field. For some of these, It could not be the place It is, without blood. These hunt, as they have done, But with claws and teeth grown perfect, More deadly than they can believe. They stalk more silently, And crouch on the limbs of trees, And their descent Upon the bright backs of their prey May take years In a sovereign floating of joy. And those that are hunted Know this as their life, Their reward: to walk Under such trees in full knowledge Of what is in glory above them, And to feel no fear, But acceptance, compliance. Fulfilling themselves without pain At the cycle’s center, They tremble, they walk Under the tree, They fall, they are torn, They rise, they walk again. James Dickey
  2. There was a great guide over in the link you provided, and my wife's phone now has Slimkat. I forgot to back up her contacts but other than that she likes it.
  3. I'm stuck at using Flashify to install twrp 2.6.3 When I transfer the .img file to the phone, it lands at a file structure that looks like: Alarms Android App Baidu etc. But when I explore the phone's file structure with Flashify, I think I'm at root access, which is a maze of twisty passages, all alike, none of which lead me to my twrp .img file: .cust backup acct cache config cust d So I'm trying to find my .img file from this root directory and can't. I realize this is a bonehead question, and apologize in advance.
  4. Thank you for your help! I visited Ventimiglia for a few hours last month and now I must visit Italy. I will go post in the correct forum.
  5. Hi, my apologies for my gross ignorance. I am trying to get 4.3 or higher on my wife's Huawei Ascend y300 (100) so that it will be compatible with the Misfit Shine activity tracker I just bought her. Right now it has 4.1.1. Using the instructions at the huawei-y300.tumblr.com site, I've unlocked and rooted the phone. TWRP and Flash SuperSU are installed and everything seems to work. I'm just not sure what I have to do next to get a stable Kitkat rom on the device. I get the sense that I probably should have installed ClockWorkMod, but I am not sure. Thanks for any tips.