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  1. hi Steff - I want to know if video calling is enable in your rom, i've tried 2 rom's already and video calling is disabled. thanks
  2. SAP camera

    mga tol, how much ba ang camera para sa smartphone, nawal kc ung sakin? saka sn pede bumili? help naman o!!! salamat...
  3. Qtek ROM

    it's a success, i've upgraded my phone to, still sim-unlocked, with new character counter in new message...
  4. Symbian OS

    actually, im just asking if it is posible, so u have choices, its like chosing between windows or linux or dual booting, experimenting , that's all!!!
  5. Symbian OS

    i want to change the whole thing, anyway i just thought about it!!! thanks for your reply!!!
  6. Symbian OS

    have you done it already!!! how???
  7. Symbian OS

    i saw in a website that indeed 7650/3650 is using ARM9xx processor but with 100 MHz, i think... so it means we can install symbian in our tanager,,, right people???
  8. Symbian OS

    ohh!!! i juz tot bout it coz it seems they are using the same processor and it is compatible with arm, ryt!!! juz curious u know, but thanks anyway!!!
  9. Symbian OS

    Is there a possibility that i can install a symbian OS in my Smartphone like in nokia...
  10. Globe GPRS Settings doesn't seem to work

    it worked... really!!!
  11. Wishlists Anyone?

    i've just recently purchased my smartphone, i like the interface, but there are flaws also in it: i wish: 1. better battery life, like maybe 3 days to 4 days of standby time. 2. concanated messages 3. when message failed, the sms should remain there.