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  1. New boot image for miui 9 - 7.9.7 boosted with 512 ZRam enabled support!lYQXTJyK!MYZH5yjMQeIRH9LwdeC7f7A9-2F1V4jJiJFWQ1p0bZc Proof: post #25454 ;)
  2. Here u r.. It's compatible with miui 9. Fully customizable. (button remaping for pro users)
  3. ADVANCED RAMDISK (BOOT.IMG) FOR MIUI 9 7.9.7 by jpower73 Ultra Speed..!!!
  4. Miui 8 and miui 9 (probably miui 7 too) does not support 3G on both cards. Only sim1 is 3G capable.
  5. MIUI 9 - 7.9.7 patch. Including: -Greek Language support -160 greek characters sms support - Added stock music player - Added Buttons & Gestures menu. post# 25332
  7. MIUI 9 - 7.9.7 on COOLPAD F1 by Jpower73 Only English /Chineze!td4g0bwD!hfdQM9vdpjwSRhdZolGPQ5w2OrCWSvh3OKHID4ZfwmM Tweaked. Idit.d support Nvram Wifi error-> fixed Bluetooth mac address changing on every boot-->Fixed Gps issues-> Fixed All themes are free. New Theme engine Gapps preinstalled ALL IN ONE ROM (AIO) installation: -wipe cache-wipe dalvik-wipe data-wipe system Flash rom ready Also, U may flash it over my latest version without wipes after installation, the system will reboot by itself. Don't worry Enjoy... edit: MIUI 9 - 7.9.7 patch. Including: -Greek Language support -160 greek characters sms support - Added stock music player - Added Buttons & Gestures menu. post# 25332
  8. CoolUi6, 4.4.069 decrapified. With addons -Dual 3G -Dolby digital plus & v4A included -Gapps included -xposed included -prerooted with latest supersu -Tweaked . ..... . And many more No multilingual. English/Chinese Rom:!sEQzxK6Q!IKfP0PBL-vjOmFyiOAjRwya_fv6AwOhq1yjsGLgcBBo Intructions: Wipe cache, dalvik cache, system, data Apply rom Enjoy.!
  9. Miui 8 17.6.8 on coolpad f1 with Greek language support Rom:!5UQTELKC!Uca2ciBqj6y7HiTdp_DZYQNLmEvX_F2awTgH8w5S20k Xposed apk:!QUQ1gT6T!zJ_zT9S5NcAsLVkqrYMasITKAF8aJG1NU2ynPz25SNE Xmiui:!1Y5hyTJI!F6YDj5DMBH21AiyQFc2pMOgOCfsRzFfjndAE3FOw_xU All themes for free ;) Themeengine [email protected] Tweaked Many fixes + add-ons Hidden options revealed... Very fast..! Instructions : Clean data, system, dalvik, cache. Install rom Gapps included In order to set Greek language, open morelangs application, find and set it to Ελληνικά. Enjoy...
  11. :)
  12. General instructions are in Tribetmen 's github. I've applied these instructions on coolpad and on pure nexus rom. (decompile classes, modify, recompile)
  13. 2g/3g switch fixed... Pure Nexus rom (Android 6.0.1) Works fine. Until now... :) Also, I've applied some modifications inside boot.img that makes the rom faster. It's under testing.
  14. The image above has No xposed modules to achieve that... I've done minor modifications (implement workarounds) In order to fix a few things, such as sd card issues, usb/mtp persistent notification on s/bar, network (data on sim 1) drops during and after calls (on sim 2) etc. Proof... In case u use greenify, you ll get this short of readings.. Great "stand by" time!!

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