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  1. Mourta i will say this here and you will hate me i just know it. You make a great rom,i mean the thing is flying like i never seen something like that and i used a loot of roms. It is wild it has a loot of options,it looks awsom BUT there are some things that cause problems that happend to me. Normall screen and instantly changes to enter your pin number. Now i cant have that because i really need my phone. Broken pictures in gapps i really dont mind and care because all us working just those pictures are i guess stupid :D . and few times the lhone has frozen and did not reacted on anything so i had to pull my battery out. Now taking a log of that is pretty hard because it happens out of blue. Like i said i tried CM,Vanir,Commotio,Pacman,Mokeerom,Miui,and some that i dont remember the names and your is better adleast for 50%. But it has some minor problems that is all
  2. Mourta-Kernel-3.4 A new beginning [update 2015-03-12]

    Found only this using the other log app
  3. Mourta-Kernel-3.4 A new beginning [update 2015-03-12]

    Just tried and no. Strangest thing is when i look at catlog i cant find an error regarding lights. I only find something about audio
  4. Mourta-Kernel-3.4 A new beginning [update 2015-03-12]

    I installed mourta LS last update,instaled his last kernel. I did a clean flash and instaled things from google manualy( downloaded the apps only) i am amazed with how it is all working,BUT i cant get the keys light off. I tried everything but i just cant. They are on all the time regardles of display. I found where to disable them but it is working. I disable them in menu but they are still on please help
  5. I have a question. Will it be some new fetures in L. New possibilitys in interface....basicly will it look difrent than KK
  6. Mister you earned a cold beer
  7. Add it to power menu that us all
  8. Did a clean install again. Flashed rom,kernel,gapps and turned the phone on. And i was not able to turn the lights off,something is wrong with them
  9. Yesterday i downloaded this rom and flash it. All was fine but after few hours i got buttons light back on after i set them off. Trying to disable that it was not possible. So i rebooted the phone and when it started booting back up it got stuck. So after 10min watching LS boot animation i pulled the battery out and enterd recovery mode and did a clean flash again. I think it is my fault because i restored all from google play. So new clean install and installing things one by one and adjusting settings. Today i had some problems with those buttons lights again but somehow i turned them off finaly. When i tried to enter settings i got a black screen and nothing else. Is that maybe bcause i did not flashed kernel as well. I have it from before and you said that there us no need for it but hey who knows?
  10. My notifications are all green(i made them that way it is not a bug) they are Hulk green hahaha i am loving it lol greeeen hahaha hulk strong hahaha i really love this feature mate this is awsome
  11. Mourta-Kernel-3.4 A new beginning [update 2015-03-12]

    My notifications are all green(i made them that way it is not a bug) they are Hulk green hahaha i am loving it lol greeeen hahaha hulk strong hahaha i really love this feature mate this is awsome
  12. Options/liquidsmooth/navigation/ enable ilumination....found it tnx for help. I did a clean install and it is awsome for now. If i gind any bumps i will try to solve it and report back
  13. Try to wipe data in mount\unmount storage but then you have ti have a zip file on sd card or you will delete it
  14. Here is a noob question. Where can i disable lights on buttons(menu,home,back) i had them alwys off now i cant find where to disable them. But just the ilumination not the functions
  15. Guys i have been around for a longer time on custom software and kernels. I see how people complain about thing(i did same mistakes) When you find a problem like fc or not working app or draining battery try to find actual problem and solve it For fc and apps not working try to clean cache and dalvik again and trust me it helps. Enter the apps in srttings and wipe the data in actual app that is not working properly If that does not work make a clean install and that is: wipe cache,wipe factory reset,wipe dalvik and go to mount and storage and wipe data there. If you doo this last thing you need to have a files that you want to flash on your sd card ,or adleast have a working backup on your sd card. If all this doeas not work make a log of problem(i use CatLog app) and find the problem and send it to developer. Ussaly prooblem is marked with capital E so copy past it and send it. Dont make to loong logs because then is hard to find a problem