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  1. Any way to disable adaptive contrast?

    Settings>Display>Brightness and turn it off Auto
  2. hudl2 does not charge

    It's as it says a Factory Reset, it will be the same as when you very first turned on your Hudl.
  3. HDMI out is flaky with my micro HDMI to HDMI cable

    Hey what! Put a USB plug in an HDMI socket??
  4. hudl2 does not charge

    You must have the 'magic tablet' who's battery never drains!
  5. HDMI out is flaky with my micro HDMI to HDMI cable

    Mine also works OK, but I did have one adapter which was temperamental. I think the screen going off is app dependant. When I play a video with VLC the screen says on, playing a HTML5 video on Chrome and the screen is blank. One day I'll investigate.....
  6. hudl2 does not charge

    Simple Battery Graph :)
  7. hudl2 does not charge

    Huh? You are worried its not 100%??" When it's charged it won't keep it at 100% all the time, there is some hysteresis, so it doesn't charge all the time. It probably won't kick in to charge again until it's fallen to 99/98% (at a guess). Don't get fixated on numbers, if it charged then it's fine!
  8. hudl2 does not charge

    Same here now I remember, when I couldn't find the apps I looked if they were hidden and noticed Nova was the free version.
  9. hudl2 does not charge

    On one of mine I had a couple of issues as it removed a couple of apps. :( Although I don't think it actually removed them, rather forgot they existed as when I installed them from the store all the data was preserved... phew! I guess it's just waiting to see if they have fixed the time/charging issue.....
  10. hudl2 does not charge

    Nope, none of mine either :)
  11. hudl2 does not charge

    Mine is orange......
  12. hudl2 does not charge

    Yeah that's normal. Most devices don't try to keep the charge at 100% as it would be charging on and off repeatedly. My guess it only starts to charge at 98%.
  13. hudl2 does not charge

    Yup they are, but...... All my Tesco apps are disabled so won't get updated as they are not running.
  14. hudl2 does not charge

    Yup. It was lower than I usually get it (15%) and had the 'straight line' on Simple Battery Monitor. First time it's happened for a while, when I rebooted it was stuck in the bootloader, dunno if it's related? A soft reset and it booted ok. :)
  15. hudl2 does not charge

    Well just had to reboot mine..... Placebo effect