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  1. I've found this mirror to the 15/01/2015 release: http://www.mediafire.com/download/l4273ljssshnf5n/AOSP_MOD_G330_(15.01.2015).zip Enjoy :)
  2. I asked the rom developer about it. I'll post a link if he replies.
  3. Thanks. Do you also have the 15/01/2015 version?
  4. Download link in first port still not working. Any mirror to the previous release, anyway (15/01/2015)?
  5. I'm using that version, I'm not experiencing random reboots, HW Acceleration works (at least in MX Player, keep in mind that it also depends on the video being played) and I have more ram compared to AOSP MOD rom (I haven't tested CM10.1 by fonz93).
  6. Thanks, I first had to enable Root access from Developer options.
  7. I've flashed Slim-u8833-4.4.4.build.9.0.20141229-CHIL360.zip but it looks like there is no app to manage superuser permissions. Is it normal?
  8. Links in first post don't seem to work. Can I have a mirror to the 15/01/2015 version?
  9. I'm sorry to hear that someone abandoned the idea of gapps-free with this rom. Well I'm doing experiments on my own, hoping to not destroy the world :P Anyway I still need answers to the many questions I asked :D
  10. I'm doing some experiments with this rom. More precisely, I removed all gapps and related libs. The only downside, in my experience, is the breaking of push notifications. I've found this project which tries implementing gapps services but everything is open source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-microg-gmscore-floss-play-services-t3217616 The requirements are 4.4+ rom (there are people saying it works even on 4.1+ roms, so I got this requirement) and a particular patch which implements the signature faking. Does AOSP MOD rom comprise this patch? EDIT: I'd also like to know what apps are removable (without facing problems) before flashing the rom. What should I do if I want to add some of my favourite apks? Do I just have to add the files into some app folder or have I to make some scripts? Packages I'd like to remove (or replace with others) are: Nova Launcher -> Smart Launcher Viper4Android I can't remember others at the moment :) But probably the same rules apply to lot of apks. Am i forced to remove/replace some apks AFTER the rom has been flashed? Some more links about the gapps-free stuff: https://fralef.me/using-android-without-google-apps.html https://github.com/microg/android_packages_apps_GmsCore/wiki/Building http://android.izzysoft.de/articles/named/android-without-google-5a
  11. I removed my sd card to put it into my pc, then I plugged it into the phone again but now Android won't set it as default storage anymore. How can I make it as default storage again? I can't do it in Storage settings.
  12. I got 0 Google Accounts syncing, but I got Telegram, Dropbox and Whatsapp syncing contacts. The thing is, you got hundreds of calls to those routines (or whatever those are), and you got lower measurements in time (I got 1h48m of Event Log Service with only x16 calls, for example. the same applies to the next in the list). My stats are from 8 hours of battery data, apparently (at least in wakelock detector), while your data comes from more time, also. I'm not sure yet that my situation is normal :( but thanks for your time!
  13. So you got too the "Event Log Service" and "GCM_CONN_ALARM" on top of your list? Those two look like they are up so much time. :wacko:
  14. Hi, is it normal to have Google Play Services active like that? It keeps my phone awake a lot of time.
  15. I confirm that. :) I unlocked the bootloader, flashed the recovery (TWRP, then booted into the recovery and mounted the USB storage. I transferred the rom zip into the internal storage, ejected the device from the pc and unmounted the partition from the recovery. I then wiped everything except "internal storage" and I installed the rom. It is very cool :) The personalizations like the theme, the Slim Center, Guard, Blocklists etc are unique.
  16. Is it possible to install this rom without an sd card? Actually my Y300 isn't unlocked yet. I have no sd card... can I unlock the bootloader, flash a recovery and a rom without possessing a microsd? Thanks
  17. So you do suggest to disable those services or not? I would like to save some memory on my y300. But if that takes stability off... then I won't do it this way.
  18. Is this the official method to recalibrate the battery? With any phone or just Y300? That is a long list of things to do xD
  19. at one of those reboots, whatsapp kept failing at restoring the last backup (because of network problems.. it said.. why should it need network connectivity to restore a backup?) so it forced me to stop trying it and start with a fresh history. Since this incident, the problem disappeared. But yeah.. I lost all my chats. I copied the backups the app made in some other folders... maybe one day I will restore them in my pc with software like Whatsapp Exctract.
  20. I downloaded the file. Am I forced to wipe everything like when I installed the rom with a full install? Because it would be a lot of time for me to set the smartphone the way I like... how do you manage these little updates in a way you lose the least time possible? Some backup tactic? Or set everything manually from scratch?
  21. I want to talk about something that has happened only with this rom (which is the only rom I've ever used and I find it awesome). What I mean to say is that the problem I'm going to describe has never happened on the Huawei original rom (B197 if I remember correctly). Sometimes I reboot the phone and when I launch Whatsapp, it says the history is corrupted and that I have the possibility to restore the last (automatic) backup. It has happened after many reboots. To avoid it, I've tried closing Whatsapp app and wait some minutes and then reboot.. but that doesn't always solve the problem (kinda happens randomly). Sometimes, when I feel patience, I do a manual whatsapp backup before rebooting. What could be the problem? I've got the last version of this rom (15th Jan) and synopsis kernel. If you need more info, just tell me what :) thanks for your time.
  22. Is the high audio add-on necessary, or would it just be at stock rom volume without it installed? I have never modified my smartphone because I need it to be stable (I use it to hotspot internet to my laptop and it's the only smartphone I have). Has this rom any disadvantages compared to the stock rom? (B197 version) Thanks :)