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  1. Email AC colour coded

    Running 4.2.1 on HTC One X+. I've a few email accounts and use the stock email client and All Accounts. The colour coding on the left is great to show what account the email is from but it only appears for new messages. Once I read the message it loses the colour code and I've no visible way of knowing what ac the email is from. Is there any way to keep this colour visible even after the email is read? I though it used to stay that way on my old desire Z but cant fully remember. I know K9 does this but I'd prefer to stick with stock if possible. Many thanks gerryR
  2. The HTC HD 7 'Ask Paul' topic

    Hi Paul 2 things I use on my Desire that I would not do without. - USB Mass Storage access so I don't need to install any software on my PC to copy files to the device (including mp3s) - WIFI Thether, I know this isn't available but it there any form of sharing the connection, I'd settle for Bluetooth DUN If those two options were there I'd give WP7 a shot, I'm very happy with my Desire but I was also very happy on Win Mob for many years and would like to give WM7 a go. Thanks gR
  3. dust under glass

    Used to be a big problem with HTC devices years ago, the Typhoon and Tornado spring to mind. Really hope it's not a widespread problem with the Desire!
  4. Stock HTC Desire Rom's

    World Wide English
  5. USB tether keeps failing

    Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem? I'm using the stock HTC ROM and the standard "share internet" feature. For some reason it stops working after a short while (mins) and the only way to get it working again is to uninstall the device (HTC RNDIS Device) from device manager then reconnect, point to the driver and it works again for a while. Anyone else have this problem? I'm running W7 x64 and the latest HTC Sync download. TIA gR
  6. Battery use culprits

    Thanks cris, I'll give that app a go.
  7. Battery use culprits

    Hi All Just wondering what are the main items using battery on your desire? I notice my 3G connection constantly switching from 3G to H (usually when downloading something) and I'm wondering if that's having a negative impact on my phone's battery. Cell Standby 30% Phone Idle 28% Android system 16% Display 5% Appreciate it if anyone could compare the above with theirs? Many thanks gR
  8. Question on battery life/radio

    Hi All I just took it for a walk and to be honest the FM radio performance was poor. Walking along it kept breaking up, at one stage the static was fading in and out with every step. There were times when it was fine too. I reckon it's goon enough to listen too when sitting down at a desk or that but at least in my test it's not good enough when walking around. I can't really comment on battery life but in the 30 or so min I had it on for, the battery status didn't drop. As far as I know FM radios are very battery friendly, hopefully the Desire's is too. HTH gR
  9. Just wondering how you fare without a stylus and is it as accurate as a resistive display?
  10. Hi All Just wondering if there's any/ many linkedin app? If so what u consider the best one? TIA gR
  11. MoDaCo Christmas Competition Winners

    Well done the winners!! Better luck next time everyone else . . . .
  12. Damn, I just held my wrist up to the screen and it looks a perfect fit! GL All!!
  13. Pretty poor post to user ratio :D :( Long live MoDaCo!!
  14. which smartphone?

    Very late reply but just to point out the HTC S740 is the obvious upgrade choice if you want to stick with your current form factor: http://www.htc.com/europe/product/s740/overview.html
  15. Opera Mobile 10 beta is here

    Taken from the download page, not sure if its a definitive list though: